Best Treadmill Mat For Hardwood Floor In 2024

Best Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floor In 2024

If you are an indoor runner, you undoubtedly need a treadmill mat for hardwood floors. It is not only about shielding your expensive flooring or the costly carpeting from ugly scratches. Treadmills are noisy with notable vibrations, which may be a turn off to your neighbors. Besides, stomping your feet while doing your routine jogs may be bothersome, hence, the need to mask these rackets.

The advantage of owning a treadmill mat is that you won’t need to shell out on a typical yoga mat. The product is a jack of all trades. Here are our top recommendations of the best treadmill for your hardwood floor;

1.    ProSource Fit Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floor

ProSource Fit is not only suitable for hardwood floors but also carpeted ground. The mat prevents damage from treadmills, spin bikes, and elliptical machines. Besides, you can also convert it into a yoga mat for your routine workouts.

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The plus of the ProSource Fit treadmill mat is that it’s large. The regular roll-up one measures 6.5ft by 3ft. However, you can opt for the folding mat, which is 7ft long. This length is sufficient for any exercise equipment. Whether you want to place the treadmill mat on your home gym, fitness studio, garage, or basement, it will still fit in.

ProSource Fit treadmill mat is made of sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Thanks to this material, the mat is slip-resistant and long-lasting. According to a journal in the Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, PVC stands out among other polymers for its durability, affordability, and versatility.

Features at Glance

  • It measures 6.5ft by 3ft wide
  • The mat is from waterproof polyvinyl chloride
  • A high density for minimizing noise and vibration
  • Non-skid surface for keeping the treadmill in place
  • 4mm thick for the roll-up mat and 6.5mm for the folding mat

What we Liked

  • Excellent floor protection, which covers both hardwood flooring and carpets
  • It is relatively large enough to accommodate the base of large treadmills
  • Made of durable PVC, which guarantees durability
  • Noise-reducing capabilities, thanks to the mat’s thickness and density
  • The mat surface is slip-resistant with an excellent grip that prevents the treadmill from sliding during workouts
  • Quite affordable
  • A Low-maintenance mat, which is easy to clean

What we Don’t Like

It has a signature smell that’s common to new PVC products. However, this odor should not be a fuss since it goes away quickly.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you are rummaging for the best treadmill mats for hardwood floors, ProSource Fit is all you need. Whether you want to ride on it with your treadmill or Peloton bike, the mat will protect your floor against scratches.

You can go for the roll-up mat or opt for the folding ProSource Fit treadmill mat, depending on your budget and needs. It is sturdy and a jack of all trades as it can hold up almost all fitness equipment including weight racks, dumbbells, weights, and kettlebells.

2.    RevTime Treadmill Mat


RevTime treadmill mat befits most fitness equipment including stationary bikes and rowing machines. It is relatively large, measuring 6.5-feet by 3-feet. Therefore, the mat has enough room for wide and long treadmills.


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Unlike most treadmill mats, which are made of PVC, this brand is purely from synthetic EPDM and SBR. According to a publication at the Journal of Applied Polymer Science, this material provides excellent water resistance and ozone aging.

RevTime treadmill mat is 3mm thick. However, there’s also a thicker option of 5mm. This density is enough for protecting your carpet and hardwood floor against scratches and scuffs when riding on your fitness machine. So, if you are skeptical of what to put under treadmill on hardwood floor, RevTime is a go-to option.

Features at Glance

  • Dimensions of 6.5ft by 3ft
  • 3mm thick for absorbing shock, vibration, impact, and high noise levels
  • Made of heavy-duty anti-slip EPDM and SBR rubber
  • It is relatively heavy at 13 pounds

What we Liked

  • A high-density material that prevents damage to your flooring
  • 3mm thickness for maximum shock absorption with noise-reduction
  • It is made of tough EPDM and SBR rubber, which is durable and water-resistant
  • Easy to maintain and clean up by wiping off the sweat or dust
  • It offers excellent grip to the treadmill, hence, no sliding
  • Minimal rubber smell that dissipates quickly
  • Guarantees protection on hardwood floors and carpets against scratches from elliptical machines, stationary bicycles, and treadmills.

What we Don’t Like

RevTime Treadmill mat is slightly heavy, hence, moving it can be quite a task. However, this con is a blessing in disguise since the heaviness is what maintains the grip.

What’s the Bottom Line?

RevTime is the best NordicTrack treadmill mat. However, you can use it as a yoga mat or with any fitness equipment.

Although the mat is slightly heavy, it is flexible. The heaviness makes it able to lay flat and stay in place after unrolling. For maintenance, you will only need to wipe off any dirt or sweat with clean water and a mop.

3.   TRANR Active Noise Reduction Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floor

At just three pounds, TRANR is among the lightest exercise machine mats. Despite the lightweight, it has a solid constructionv, which guarantees maximum protection on your flooring. With a thickness of 6.4mm, you are sure of a quieter workout even with a noisy treadmill. The mat has exceptional shock absorption and active noise reduction.

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TRANR stands to be the best treadmill mat for carpet, hardwood flooring, tiles, and hard surfaces. Not only will you be shielding your floor against scratches but you’ll also be protecting your exercise equipment from dust and skidding.

The surface of the mat has the best grip. Therefore, your treadmill is less likely to move around.


Features at Glance

  • It is 6.5-feet long by 3-feet wide
  • Quite thick at 6.4mm
  • Lightweight design at just three pounds
  • Made of durable recycled rubber

What we Liked

  • Sturdy construction that cares for your hardwood surface, tiles, and low-pile carpeting
  • It is made of recycled rubber, which is resistant to tears, indentation, compression, or ripping
  • The lightweight design makes it effortless to move the treadmill mat around, store, or set it up
  • A 6.4mm thickness absorbs shock and offers protection against impact
  • It reduces noise levels and vibration from the exercise equipment
  • It has an exceptional grip that keeps the fitness equipment from sliding while on the move

What we Don’t Like

A rubber smell that lingers for a couple of days. Well, the product is from recycled tires but its odor is not as strong as that of a typical rubber. The odor dissipates with time.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you are hunting for soundproofing mats for treadmills, TRANR should be on your shopping cart already. This product is favorable to all hard surfaces including carpeted floors, tiled, and hardwood flooring.

Its material is purely from recycled rubber. Therefore, you are assured of some excellent grip, durability, and impact absorption. The plus of TRANR is that it dampens vibrations better than most treadmill mats for carpets.

4.    AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill Mat

AmazonBasics exercise equipment is ideal for treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and step-aerobics. It offers exceptional protection to your floor and carpet by minimizing impact and preventing shock.



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This Amazon treadmill mat is available in two sizes. The larger option will accommodate long fitness machines as it measures 8.5’ by 3’. Contrariwise, the smaller one is 6’ by 2.5’. Although it appears narrower, it is denser with a thickness of 7.6mm.

AmazonBasics exercise equipment is crafted from quality PVC. This material is durable regardless of external conditions. Neither sweat nor water can damage, erode, or discolor its surface. Therefore, you can wash and disinfect it without fussing about the loss of luster.

Features at Glance

  • Dimensions of 8.5 feet by 3 feet
  • Sturdy construction from PVC material
  • Weighs at seven pounds
  • 5mm thick to absorb shock and vibrations
  • Slip-resistant surface for maintaining the equipment in place

What we Liked

  • A thick mat for absorbing impact from your workout equipment and offering maximum cushioning for step-aerobics
  • It is made of sturdy polyvinyl chloride for a long-lasting experience
  • A large size that accommodates most heavy-duty workout equipment
  • Excellent gripping against slippages and skidding by the treadmill
  • It is available in two different sizes
  • A one-year amazon warranty
  • Soft surface

What we Don’t Like

The 8.5’ long mat is quite large for tiny workout spaces. However, you can opt to cut it out for a custom fitting.

What’s the Bottom Line?

AmazonBasics tops among the best exercise equipment mats hardwood floors, thanks to its large size and thickness. You can use it on your vinyl surface, carpet, laminate, and wood flooring. Besides, the mat won’t suffer any indentation or tears with most rowing machines.

The fact that AmazonBasics equipment treadmill mat comes with a one-year limited warranty is a plus. Its polyvinyl construction is solid but you should not use it not under heavy equipment as it may puncture the material.

Treadmill mats buying guides

Once you have acquired a treadmill, also plan to hire a treadmill mat. Treadmill mats play a perfect role. They protect our carpet or floor from being damaged. This mat also keeps our immediate surface clean always. In this article, we will dwell on the things we should consider when buying a treadmill mat and the benefits of using a treadmill mat.

Things to consider when buying a treadmill mat.

When we use a treadmill, they vibrate, and vibration can be reduced by using a mat on the floor.  Below is some specification to consider when buying a treadmill mat.

  1. Size of the mat

When buying a treadmill mat, consider the size of your mat. Look at the widht, lenght, and thickness of the mat. Some people use to prefer a thicker mat though it can’t give you enough support. Those dimensions should be slightly longer than your treadmill. Although, you can also acquire a smaller mat if your treadmill is the fold-up one. 

  1. Material

It’s also good to consider which material to use. The preferred material is that of PVC, though it’s costly. We can also use old tires which are recycled.

  1. Absorption

A good mat should be able to absorb drops of water and sweat. When we run or walk on our treadmill, we sweat and drop some water droplets, so a good mat should be able to absorb it. These water-resistant mats protect our floor against water spills accident.

  1. Floor surface

Also, the floor surfaces where you want to keep your treadmill mat consider it too. Many people ask, is it a must to have a floor mat? It’s good to have it because it prevents dust particles from building down your treadmill.

Benefits of using treadmill mats

We are looking at the benefits of a treadmill mat that will help you get your mat with ease. A quality treadmill mat offers many benefits to your floor and your machine.

It protects your carpet and floor.

A quality mat plays a big role. Regardless of your machine’s cost, a mat protects your carpet, floor, and machine by giving you a long service. It may cost three or four times the cost of your treadmill damage replacement.

In case you are setting your machine and it starts producing noise and a lot of vibration, don’t run away. In fact, that’s where you need to use treadmill mats for carpet. This mat reduces vibrations and makes your machine to slip. Clincher Wynter talked about the best treadmill mat, and he said it should be made from durable PVC materials. The PVC also has a benefit because it grips the surface and prevents slippage.

It reduces dust particles.

Due to that vibration made when running or walking on our treadmill, it’s good to have a floor mat. This mat will absorb the produced dust, and it prevents it from getting into your motor and other electric parts.

It absorbs shock

When using our treadmills, they produce vibration, but it absorbs the shock when we use a mat. It makes your floor underneath not to be damaged. A bark rubber is the best material of all in absorbing shock.

Noise minimization

Treadmill mats reduce noise. For those who have never used a treadmill it sounds like an airplane but now we have medicine to that problem. If you have kept your treadmill on a certain floor when you use a mat, it reduces noise from one room to another. Thus you feel confident when running or walking on it since you can’t interrupt your neighbors and family members.

It’s low to maintain

Treadmill mats are very low to maintain. You don’t have to disturb your mind on how to maintain your mat. In fact, you need a piece of cloth to wipe it.

This treadmill mat also prolongs the life of your machine.

Final thoughts

On the treadmill mats buying guide, it’s always good to consider when choosing your mat To select your best choice. After you follow all those guides, I assure you that you will make an informed decision and develop a good treadmill mat that suits your machine. I assure you if you follow all those guides, you won’t regret it.

FAQs about Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floor

What is a Treadmill mat?

It is a mat that you put under your treadmill to prevent your fitness machine from scratching and damaging your floor. The product also comes in hand to block fibers, dust, and debris from getting into the treadmill’s motor compartment.

Note that a yoga mat can never serve as a treadmill mat since the former has a low density and quite delicate.

Which are the best treadmill mats?

The best exercise machine mats should shield your floor from damage. Besides, it should protect your treadmill against the buildup of fibers and dirt underneath the motor compartment. With these properties, the mat ought to be sturdy for it to withstand heavy usage from large exercise equipment.

The best treadmill mats are;

Where to buy a treadmill mat?

You should shop for a treadmill on Amazon. The store allows you to compare prices from various vendors, read through the ratings, and find out what users’ feedback on the products.

An amazon treadmill mat may also come with a warranty from the store and some free shipping.

Do I need a treadmill mat?

If you own a home gym, a treadmill mat is a must-have. The major reason why you need a treadmill mat is to protect your floor against damage from fitness machines. When the treadmill is directly in contact with your tiled or hardwood floor, it will most likely slide and damage the surface. Using a mat minimizes the slipping.

Chances are that your fitness equipment has a noisy motor with sickening vibration. Therefore, shelling out on a mat will help absorb these noises. According to a study published on the Scandinavian Audiology, exercising under high noise levels will likely lead to a temporary threshold shift (TTS), or hearing loss.

What’s more, a treadmill mat will protect your equipment from dust and debris, hence, lengthening its lifespan.

How thick or big should a treadmill mat be?

Most equipment mats are 6.5’ by 3’. However, you’ll need to measure your treadmill before placing your order. Knowing the measurements shouldn’t be a fuss because some manufacturers would write the size recommendations on the manual.

Ensure that your mat has a buffer zone of at least 6’ on both sides after placing your treadmill on it.

A thick mat is not always better but it can be an advantage especially with noise absorption and shielding your delicate floor. A thickness of ¼ inches is ideal. However, if your mat is thinner, make sure that it is made of durable and heavy-duty material, which resists tears and rips.

Which side of the treadmill mat should I use?

Equipment mats do have two distinct surfaces. The soft part is for gripping the floor, hence, it should be at the bottom. Contrariwise, the rugged side of the treadmill mat ought to face up.

How to clean a treadmill mat?

You require some warm soapy water and a soft brush, or a gentle mop. Wipe off the mat and rinse thoroughly before hanging it to dry.

Note that you will need to clean your treadmill mat regularly to prevent the buildup of odors from sweat and dust.

Final Verdict

It is quite cheaper to shell out on a treadmill mat rather than replacing your red oak flooring due to preventable damages.

A mat will save your equipment from dust, carpet fibers, and debris that may otherwise accumulate underneath, hence, interfering with the motor functions. Besides, the product maintains the noise levels to a minimum while dampening the vibrations. You don’t have to distract the entire neighborhood when doing your late-night workouts, do you?

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