Do I Need A Treadmill Mat

Do i need a treadmill mat

A treadmill mat is a specialized piece of exercise equipment that is designed to protect the floor of a treadmill. It’s important to have a mat in place for a couple of reasons. First of all, the friction from walking on a hard floor can wear down the expensive treadmill motor over time. The motor is the engine of the machine and without it the machine will not function. A mat can deflect any abrasive and roughness that may be transferred from the floor onto the motor which over time can cause it to deteriorate.

Second of all, the rubber mats that are designed for use under a treadmill provide cushioning for your feet and ankle. A heavy treadmill movement will gradually rub off the rubber and cause it to lose its shock absorbent properties. If this happens, the unit will wear out much faster. One can even get custom-made treadmill mats if they so desire.

Carpet runners are a common sight on treadmills. They provide cushioning for the user as well as adding an attractive running surface. There are a variety of designs available that allow you to choose one that fits your decor or personal taste. Many runners prefer the plain black carpet design. Others may like to have a little more design incorporated into their treadmill mats. A well-designed treadmill mat will help to keep its appeal through the years while protecting your investment.

Running on carpet allows the user’s footsteps to dissipate rather than being absorbed by the carpet. This is important for runners as they reduce noise transfer from their feet hitting the ground. Less noise also reduces the chances of someone wearing out their hearing protection. For this reason as well as reducing noise transfer, treadmill runners should always run on solid flooring.

Vinyl floor mats are a common choice for runners and bikers. Although they come in various designs and colors, the one complaint that many consumers have is that these mats do not last as long as the others. While they do resist moisture, they also are vulnerable to dirt and debris. Vinyl floor mats are recommended for use indoors only. For outside use, you may want to consider another material that will stand up better to general wear and tear.

The last consideration in the purchase of an exercise machine is the type of mat you will purchase. While carpeted mats are the most affordable and popular, rubber mats are inexpensive and easy to clean. If you do not plan on putting any special weight materials on your treadmill, then rubber mats should be adequate. Exercise machine users with special needs should consult their doctor before choosing to use rubber mats or any other material for their exercise machine.

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