How Many Calories Burned On Elliptical

how many calories burned on elliptical

    How many calories burned on elliptical

A lot of people ask this question “How many calories  are burned on an elliptical?”. In simple words this means how many calories your body burns in each step you take. The more calories that are burnt the higher the body’s metabolism becomes and the faster one can lose weight. One of the most common mistakes that most people do is that they do not keep track of the calories that they burn. Hence it can be concluded that the question of how many calories are burned on elliptical is directly related to keeping track of ones calorie intake and calorie output.

There are three major factors that come into play when answering the question, how many calories are burned on an elliptical. These factors are the intensity of the workout, the duration and one has to adjust the pace according to these factors. It goes without saying that the shorter the duration of the workout the lesser the number of calories burned. This also applies to the intensity of the workout.

If one does not vary their pace with respect to the intensity of the workout then the body will slowly begin to adapt to the same intensity as that of the workout, which results in little or no calories being burned. Hence the answer to the question, how many calories are burned on an elliptical will never become clear until one takes these factors into consideration. This is why most trainers suggest that one should ideally aim to vary their exercises on an elliptical with respect to the amount of time they have available.

If one wants to know how many calories are burned on an elliptical then the time duration is one important factor. Since an elliptical is a low-impact machine it allows for more frequent changes in the intensity of the workouts. Hence over a longer period of time one would be able to burn more calories than at a single time interval.

The type of equipment is also another important variable. Since elliptical uses no pedals, one can focus on achieving a higher calorie burning rate by changing the level of resistance offered. For this reason one needs to vary the resistance setting on a regular basis. This can be done either using a magnetic resistance or alternatively one can simply add weights to the exercise routine. This makes it possible for one to achieve a calorie burning ratio that is much higher than any other exercise machine.

Hence the answer to the question, how many calories are burned on an elliptical remains a subjective one. It is influenced by factors such as the duration and intensity of one’s workout. However it should be noted that elliptical machines do not provide one with a way of tracking calorie intake or expenditure. Hence it is impossible to say how many calories are burnt on an elliptical without also knowing whether one is exercising under a set time limit or under more or less free movement.

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