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Precor 9.27 treadmill

precor 927 treadmill

Precor 9.27 treadmill

The Precor 9.27 Treadmill represents a huge leap over all other treadmill models currently on the market. For one thing, it is over one hundred percent aluminum, making it the heaviest and most sturdiest treadmill you can purchase today. For another, the Precor treadmill uses no springs, but uses a patented landing gear system that provides a smooth ride and excellent cushioning. It’s lightweight and sturdy enough to meet the needs of any serious runner.

The innovative treadmills from Precor look like a pair of sneakers, with the large, oversized heart rate monitor located in the back, between the handles. It looks as though someone has stuffed a pair of sneakers with electronics into them and then squeezed them into the shape of a treadmill. You can see this style of treadmill in use at gyms around the country. The motor inside the Precor 9.27 Treadmill consists of a precision-tuned, sealed fan motor. The motor provides smooth, continuous duty operation for an extended period of time, and has been designed to provide up to three times more energy than other popular treadmill motors.

The deck of the Precor 9.27 Treadmill is constructed out of a thick nylon mesh material, and the included shock absorber and shock-deflector feet attachments help to ensure that the deck remains stable even under the most extreme conditions. There are three pre-attached belt clips that allow you to easily remove the belt, should you ever need to replace it. The included safety lock prevents your treadmill from accidentally shifting when you are performing an exercise or task that requires you to turn your body. The three low-impact treadmill feet included with the treadmill further provide you with a comfortable and safe walking surface. The included V-Bar panel helps to keep your back, shoulders and waist muscles supported while you perform your favorite workout routines.

The Precor Treadmill features the innovative x 31 trim, which has the ability to vary the height of the running surface. You can choose from three different heights, ranging from ten to 350 lbs. The treadmill deck is available in five different widths, each one targeting a specific group of weight-endangering locations throughout your home. The treadmill deck also features a low-profile rubber base and is manufactured with a sturdy aluminum frame and strong welded metal deck. This durable construction makes the Precor Treadmill one of the most stable and dependable treadmills in its weight capacity category.

The Precor Treadmill has many unique features that make it stand out among other top-selling treadmills. Among the many innovative features is the patented Ground Effects Impact Control technology. The innovative system uses a series of tiny spikes located inside the deck of the treadmill to simulate the effect that an automobile wheel has when it is struck by an automobile driving over it. The Spikes react to the impact by creating a simulated grooved ground surface that simulates the effects of walking on a hard surface. The result is that the Precor Treadmill experiences a realistic feeling of walking on a hard surface – which reduces the stress on knees, ankles, hips and lower backs.

The innovative Drive-Panel technology is another feature that sets the Precor Treadmill apart from other fitness equipment. The Drive-Panel uses a flexible rubberized frame that adjusts to the shape of the running deck. This flexible frame provides a smooth ride for comfortable walking and running. Other important safety features include an automatic stop button, belt conveyor and a sturdy safety belt with heavy-duty locking mechanism.

The Precor Treadmill also comes with a durable carrying handle and a foldable carrying card. The workout card gives you the ability to record your workout history and an estimated time for each session so you can keep track of how many calories you are burning during your workout sessions. Another important feature of this treadmill is the self-cleaning feature that allows you to conveniently sweep the deck to clear out any debris that might be placed on it during your workout. You can also opt for the optional heart rate monitor that displays your pulse rate while you are running or walking on the treadmill.

All the top-of-the-line treadmills from Precor have the latest impact and safety features, but you will find that the Precor Treadmill is especially designed to minimize the negative impact on joints and the body. The innovative Precor 9.27 inch Virtual Loop Digital Safety Flooring System is one of the newest features in the line of Precor treadmills. The Precor 9.27 inch Virtual Loop incorporates the newest impact and safety features found in the line with a high-tech digital system that allows you to adjust the deck, belts, and steps to customize the shock-absorbing power and feel of the machine while preventing injury. The most impressive feature of all is the presence of a high-precision electronic control system that offers the user an adjustable threshold for maximum comfort and shock absorption for the entire body.

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