Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill

Proform 24853 crosswalk treadmill

In the Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill review I am going to examine if this is a treadmill that can help you lose weight and tone up. This treadmill has all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a Proform treadmill but it also has some unique features that are new to the treadmill world. If you are looking for a good all around treadmill that has a variety of workout options and features then this model is definitely worth checking out. This Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill review will look at how the treadmill can help you get the results you want with an all in one machine.

The first thing you will notice when you walk on a treadmill is that you can’t keep your feet flat on the floor. You tend to move in several directions as you walk and your heels always end up getting lifted off the walking surface. This causes your center of mass to shift forward which makes your entire body to work harder to keep itself balanced. On a regular computer screen your center of mass stays right where you want it to be without having to keep moving your arms or legs. With a treadmill that has a bigger than normal walking surface your center of mass has to stay where it should which makes it much harder to get yourself upright and keep your heels down.

The built in digital incline feature found on Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill helps to eliminate this problem. When you are walking on the treadmill the incline causes your treadmill to run at a higher rate so you can keep your heels down. As you increase the incline more of your body weight is shifted forward and you don’t have to lift your heels as high. There are other features on this model of treadmill as well. These additional features help you to workout longer and harder without having to add extra equipment to your home.

Features such as the Digital Programmable Display and Digital Heart Rate Monitor found on this treadmill along with its preprogrammed workout routines help you to workout longer and harder without over training your body. The LCD screen is easy to read and is also easy to find your way around on the Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill. Other features on this treadmill include an adjustable tensioner, side handle and foldable running deck cover. The foldable running deck cover helps protect your treadmill from road debris that may become caught up in the treadmill’s motor. Other features found on this model of Proform Treadmill include a warranty, easy to use keypad, large LCD screen, heavy duty warranty and frame that is made from heavy duty cast iron.

There is no better way to start off your morning than getting out of bed and immediately heading over to your favorite treadmill walking surface. The Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill is perfect for people who like to exercise outdoors or those who enjoy long walks. The treadmill walking surface on this model is made from rubber which makes it easy to walk and run on but is firm enough to prevent injury. You can choose from a wide variety of running styles to suit your taste such as running, walking or jogging.

The Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill features a large LCD panel that displays information about the duration of your run, your speed and other variables including your heart rate. If you want to see detailed information about your workout without having to watch your watch, the monitor provides this type of information. Some models of treadmills have a large LCD panel but they do not offer an LCD display that is easily read from a comfortable distance. Therefore, you can view details about your workout but you cannot get the information displayed while running or walking if you need to glance at the time to be able to see details.

The Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill is ideal for running as it allows you to change running speed without stopping. Most treadmill walking surfaces tend to give you a very smooth experience when running. However, walking is a little harder as you have to absorb all the impact with each footstep. Most walking surfaces have some level of cushion to provide this impact but running on a hard surface can cause impact and discomfort. In most cases, the Proform 24853 treadmill offers a comfortable walking surface. The deck is made out of rubber which offers a soft feel but you can also find models with other materials.

There are many benefits of owning a Proform Treadmill including the fact that you will save money. Treadmills are considered to be a cost effective means of exercising and running. Not only do these treadmills save money but they are also easy to use as most models come with simple and uncomplicated user interfaces. Therefore, you will benefit from the many fitness programs, customizing options and fitness features the treadmill has. With the Proform 24853 Crosswalk Treadmill, you can enjoy these benefits for a price that won’t empty your wallet.

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