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ProForm Pro 2000 Review

Treadmills are one of the best exercise equipment that anyone can comfortably own at their homes. They are comparatively simple to use, durable, and above all, they offer a wide variety of health workout programs that are beneficial to the users. However, knowing the right treadmill that will work out for you is quite tricky, considering how the market have been flooded with many inferior quality treadmills. Worry not, we checked out some of the best treadmills ever produced.

When it comes to quality treadmills and other exercise equipment, there’s no doubt that ICON Health and Fitness Inc. manufacturers are the leading producers around the world. They have produced legendary brands such as Nordic track, Weslo, Weider and ProForm exercise gear. The company have been operational for over four decades.

ProForm treadmills are packed with exceptional and extensive features that makes them suitable for different workouts. For instance, ProForm 740cs is one of the greatest of all time treadmill machine. It’s packed with unique features such as LED console that allows users to check calories burned after an exercise and the time taken to complete a workout

ProForm 740cs treadmill is also modeled into a compact design that allows you to easily store it anywhere when not in use. Its foldable and a great space saver. Additionally, just like many other modern treadmills, it features IFit programs that allow you to not only train virtually by expert trainer, but also to download various workout programs that can be used during your training sessions.

Furthermore, ProForm 740cs treadmill is powered with a motor of 2.5 CHP this gives it the capability to reach a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour.  The speed can be easily changed using the console features on the deck. Although, it may not that powerful due it’s the motor power ,  its fitted with other great features such as digital incline control of about 10% that can be adjusted by 0.5% and a Pulse sense display on the console that can also monitor the heart beat monitor.

Regrettably, since September 2010 there are no new models of ProForm 740CS being manufactured. The company have remodeled and produced even better treadmills. One of the most outstanding treadmill is the new ProForm Pro 2000 that have every part of the machine modernized.

The new ProForm Pro 2000 has the motor power increased to enable vigorous activity. The game changer in this machine is, It not only has the incline adjustment but also, have the decline added to it is cushioned to reduce frictions and injuries to the joints while working out. The new ProForm pro 2000 is of strong built and weighs approximately 300 lbs making it suitable for all type of workouts

Features at Glance

 What we liked

Minimally Invasive Motor of 3.25CHP

The motor size in this machine is 3.25 CHP. This makes it possible for the machine to be used daily, regardless of the intensity of your workout. The motor has the power to reach a maximum speed of up to 12 mph and can be used with all body types. Moreover, the motor is quieter while functioning.

10 Inch Smart HD Touch Panel

As compared with the previous ProForm models with 7 inch screen, this machine is equipped with contemporary 10”smart HD touch panel that is easier to use. This screen can be used to check calories burned and the number of mileage’s covered. Again, it enables the user to switch between workout programs.

Space Saver Folding Deck

For those struggling with a small space at their homes or the office, you can still maintain your workout routine without a hassle with this treadmill. ProForm Pro 2000 comes with movable wheels, and has an integrated compact size that makes it easy to fold when not in use.

 Audio Connectivity

With its Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can connect your headphones and listen to your favorite trainer’s voice or listen to your motivational songs as you work out. Additionally, it comes with 2” digitally amplified speakers that enables you to have fun while exercising.

IFit Programs

This machines iFit compatibility for the first 30 days, makes it possible for you to enjoy over 16000 workout programs that will enable anybody, to keep in shape within the shortest period of time possible.  What’s more, it allows multiple users interface of up to 5 individuals.

Workout Fans

With an inbuilt ventilation, users can exercise with a refreshing breeze without having to take a break to cool off.  Sounds cool right?

Incline and Decline

Unlike the previous models, this new ProForm pro 2000 version has another great aspect of decline added to its features. It’s fashioned with quick button standard -3 to 12% decline and incline capability that will give users a new and exciting experience while exercising.

What We Didn’t Like

For those who struggle with vision, the 10” screen size could be problematic to them. However, even with the poor vision, the console on the deck is wide enough for you to control the machine using the quick buttons.

Another con is that the iFit program requires monthly subscription after the first 30 days. Considering all the workout programs, no one minds paying a few dollars to keep fit.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking to buy a treadmill for walking, jogging or running, the new ProForm PRO 2000 is an excellent choice for you. Besides, you do not need to break a bank to own one. It’s affordable, durable and has all the features you can want to keep fit.

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