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Treadmill book holders buying guide In 2023

Treadmill book holders buying guide In 2023

You neither want to miss reading the thrilling unfolding of scenes within that favorite genre, nor the fitness workout session on your treadmill! Study shows a significant decline in leisure reading by over 27% for just a decade, despite its proven ability to nature mental and physical health. Sporty reading is now made easier, thanks to the treadmill book holder!

We have analyzed the best treadmill book holders that ensure you have a fun time as you exercise on the treadmill.

What are treadmill book holders?

Listening to a podcast or an audiobook on a treadmill is tempting to time-constrained book lovers. But what happens if you find (or simply fancy) an enjoyable physical book, e-book, or kindle? It’s simple! You just require a book holder for treadmill.

This is an add-on gadget that allows you to exercise on a treadmill swiftly while you read. A treadmill book holder works almost the same as a Desk Attachment For Treadmill but they are slightly different. 

You don’t have to spend time trying to shop for the most appropriate reading rack for the treadmill. Here’s a review of the 5 best treadmill book holders.

The best treadmill book holders

1.    Source One LLC Compact iPad, Kindle, Nook, eReader Treadmill Book Holder Reading Rack (TBH-CI)

Looking for a slim all-purpose treadmill book rack? Search no further.

Source One LLC Compact is built with the average user in mind. The slim size assures portability to either gym station or home-based treadmill since it fits in most backpack bags. It’s easy to mount on accurately measured treadmills or stationary bikes and fits in most of the models.


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A perfect holder of books, kindles, and iPads of medium size and can handle tablets stably in the landscape.


If you love fashion, this holder is available in choice colors (red, black, grey, orange, yellow, blue, white, and green). We, however, recommend the clear (transparent) one for you to ensure tracking of your stats on the screen.

Features at glance


What we liked

What we didn’t like

The edges are a bit sharp and need extra care when unpacking. The product is, however, worth every penny.

What’s the bottom line?

Source One LLC Compact is as well a treadmill magazine holder as a book holder for bikes. Note that you need moderate speed, mostly walking, to avoid getting sweaty which could distract your visibility while reading.

In case your exercise room doesn’t have a mounted TV, or you prefer a moment off some boring episodes, Source One LLC Compact is a perfect game-changer. You could also use it to hold your mobile phone as you listen to audiobooks, or watch a thriller movie on a tablet.

For the best experience of Source One LLC Compact, be sure to take measurements of your treadmill beforehand to order the one that perfectly fits.


2.    Combination of Life Acrylic Reading Rack Treadmill Book Magazine Tablet Holder Clear 9 inches Width by 11 inches Depth Fits Most Exercise Bike, Elliptical, Stepper, Stair Machine

The combination of Life Acrylic Reading Rack for treadmill depicts special features for an entertaining training session. Not only does it fit on almost all models of treadmills but also is suitable for stair machines and exercise bikes.


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It’s crafted from high impact acrylic that ensures durability while giving it a transparent eye-catching glance. The diamond polish on the Combination of Life Acrylic Reading Rack gives the edges a crystal-clear look and perfect smoothness.

You can comfortably use this add-on to hold books, magazines, phones, and even remote controls for your television set (or audio system).  This gadget doesn’t tamper with your operation keys.

Features at glance

What we liked

What we didn’t like

The dimensions of the book holder may not fit well with the treadmill display. However, this can be corrected by cross-checking your treadmill area before purchase and purchase a little bit larger holder in that matter.

What’s the bottom line?

Combination of life reading rack is one of the excellent treadmill book holders.  It is a multipurpose rack used as a book holder for treadmill, magazine holder, as well as a holder for your tablet or even iPad.

This is a perfect fit for most treadmill models and also fits comfortably on exercise bikes and other exercise machines.

The narrow and long structure of the reading rack allows you to perform your activity with ease as the display monitor on the treadmill is not covered. This also enables convenient fit on the exercise bikes.

3.    FlipKlip Portable Book Page Holder for Hands-Free Reading in Bed, on The Go, on The Treadmill & Exercise Bike – Works on Hardcovers, Paperbacks, Magazines, and Comic, Art, Piano and Recipe Books

Of the obvious book holders, the FlipKlip Portable Book Page holder is an excellent book holder for exercise bikes and treadmills. This product is creatively designed to assure you to enjoy hands-free reading through the training session.

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It has a strong stainless steel spring that replaces the strain of your hand muscles in keeping the book of any size open, without breaking the spine.

What’s more, the FlipKlip Portable Book Page holder has special vinyl fingers that are soft enough to hold the pages gently. Turning pages is far easier, without having to adjust the handles, thanks to this great innovation.

You only need to open FlipKlip and clip the book, place it on the treadmill and you’re good to go.

Not only is it pocket-friendly, but also fits well in your pocket, purse, or bag thanks to its lightweight and small size.

Features at glance

What we liked


What we didn’t like

What’s the bottom line?

FlipKlip Portable Book Page Holder is one of the best and simplest book holders offered in the market. Perfectly holds your books open and allows for easier page turning while working out.

Its small size and lightweight provides you a convenient companion in the purse or bag for use when the need arises. Another exciting thing about FlipKlip is that can be stored together with a book as it clips on the outside of the book when not using.

This portable gadget is inexpensive than other book holders available in the market.

4.    AdirSports Acrylic Universal Treadmill Book holder – iPad & Tablet – Magazine Rack (9 x 11 x 3.5)

AdirSports launched this innovatively molded add-on gadget that suits you in the gym as well as on a home treadmill. Built with strong acrylic material, it doesn’t shatter even if you drop it off accidentally, despite it being light in weight.

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You will have no difficulty installing it on the treadmill as it slides over most of the versions. In case you have an elliptical or stepper, you need not purchase another holder as AdirSports Acrylic Universal treadmill book holder fits well in them.

Monitoring your exercise progress is catered, thanks to the transparent nature of this gadget. It’s available in three sizes, to ensure you pick the one that fits your dashboard.

AdirSports Acrylic Universal treadmill book holder is as good as a treadmill magazine holder. Moreover, it suits your eReader, iPad, tablet, and even phone.

Features at glance

What we liked

What we didn’t like

What’s the bottom line?

AdirSports Acrylic Universal Treadmill Book holder is a perfect choice for your treadmill. Provides an easy reading rack for treadmill. made from very durable material and also compatible with most treadmills and even exercise bikes as the manufacturer offers three different sizes.

The transparent nature offers you an easy time on the controls while working out. This treadmill book holder is worth every penny.

This book holder for treadmill is a good fit for your walking and jogging workouts. Can also be used with exercise bikes.

5.    Actto BST-09 Green Portable Reading Stand/Book stand Document Holder (180 angle adjustable)

Searching for a well-designed book rack for treadmill? Actto BST-09 book stand could be all you need. This classy handcrafted accessory is made for all categories of users, supporting books, planners, catalogs, iPads, magazines, and other materials at an enjoyable reading angle.



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Equipped with non-slip rubber back and clear but strong plastic page-holder arms, it’s stable enough to hold large books.

You have the freedom to set this 1800 adjustable book holder to your favorite position. The ability to promote spinal health is a plus feature of this special accessory.

Made of comfy, strong but light-weight ABS, Actto BST-09 have a great look and long life. Humidity resistance property allows you to dust-off or cleans it with ease.

Features at glance

What we liked

What we didn’t like

As the pages increase, holding more (675+) with the Actto BST-09 page holders is a quite daunting task, more so the left one. This should not, however, keep you from using it. 650 pages on one side are still many, right?


What’s the bottom line?

Actto  provides a less expensive yet a super book holder to allow you to enjoy hands-free reading. The Green Portable Reading Stand/Book stand Document Holder  by Actto is very strong and durable as well as portable. The adjustable back stands make this an excellent choice as you can easily adjust to the eye level desired.

A multipurpose gadget for use with your books, phone, magazines, and other materials conveniently and anywhere you wish.

Enjoy this stylish and innovatively made book holder for your treadmill as it can be used elsewhere including on your bed, kitchen table, and such.

We highly recommend this gadget as it not only offers a hands-free reading but also promotes good posture for your spinal health.



How treadmill book holders work?

Treadmill book holders are gadgets that help you carry out a hands-free reading while you exercise on your treadmill as well as other exercise machines such as exercise bikes, paleton, or steppers.

They are used to hold the book or your reading material upright as well as keep them open and flat for an easier read.

It helps distract your mind from the often long and somehow strenuous workouts. This also offers an entertaining workout environment.

How to make treadmill book holders?

Well, if you wish to enjoy reading while working out, then a treadmill book rack, a treadmill magazine holder or even a book holder for an exercise bike would a good choice.

Sourcing for a ready-made book stand for treadmill is fine but having a customized reading rack is more satisfying as well as a low-cost option.

Making a book holder for your tre    admill is easy. All you need is a stand-up plate holder with an edge to keep the plate from falling off and some tape to secure the plate to the front of the treadmill. The plate holds the books upright. You may also require some large clips to clasp the tops to keep the book open and flat.

Where can I buy treadmill book holders?

A variety of treadmill reading racks are readily available in most online stores. However different stores offer varied quality as well as prices for the treadmill book racks.

Amazon is one of the most convenient online stores offering a variety of good quality and affordable reading racks.

Which are the best treadmill book holders?

Some of the best book holders for treadmill are;

How convenient is it to turn pages on a treadmill book holder?

It is easy to turn pages of your book while still working out. However, this will depend on the type of book stand for treadmill you acquire. Some treadmill book holders are easier than others

Can a treadmill book holder be used with other exercise equipment?

Luckily, yes. The treadmill book holders can be used comfortably with other exercise equipment such as exercise bikes. You only need to carefully know the size of the reading stand needed for the specific equipment.

The book stands for treadmill can also be used on surfaces such as your bed, kitchen table, and even on the floor for kids reading.

What is the best size of a treadmill book stand?

Well, the best size depends on the size of your treadmill or the purpose it is intended for. Be sure to check the dimensions of your machines before purchasing the reading racks.

Is it wise to read while on the treadmill?

Yes, it is wise and safe to read while working out on your treadmill. However, it might require you to slow down at the beginning. Reading while exercising is a great way to distract your mind and enjoy the workout.

Some people may however not concentrate and this means a slow workout like walking instead of running on the treadmill.

Having a treadmill book stand is an excellent idea to enjoy a hands-free reading while still exercising.

According to a study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, people tend to gain a significant memory recall after using a walking workstation (treadmill).


Exercise is an important activity for everyone. Treadmill offers a great way to workout at the comfort of your home.

Reading while on the treadmill is fun as well as promote health. A treadmill book holder is an add-on gadget that helps hold the book and keep it open.

We consider the Actto BST-09 Reading Stand an excellent choice for your treadmill. This book holder is durable, compatible with various treadmills as well as adjustable to your desired eye level. It can be used with other equipment as well as on surfaces such as kitchen tables.

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