Treadmill Noise Reduction Mat

Treadmill noise reduction mat

Treadmill noise can be annoying, and sometimes the culprit can be your neighbor’s stereo system. While this may sound like an impossible problem without a remedy, there actually is an easy solution. By putting a treadmill noise reduction mat under your treadmill, you treadmill noise is going to be greatly reduced so a quiet noisy machine will not tarkle and bother your neighbors or family anymore. There are a few things to know about these mats before you buy them, however.

treadmill noise reduction mat

The first thing you need to know about these helpful mats is that they work by reducing vibrations from your treadmill. Vibration is what causes the annoying sound that is heard coming from your treadmill when it is running. Vibration can come from the ground as well as from the moving belt that are included in most of today’s treadmills. When the belt moves, it stirs up dust and dirt particles, which is what vibrates into your treadmill and disturbs you. These mats help minimize the amount of noise that is created from these motors as well as dust particles. If you live in an area where there are many loud noises coming from your home and from your treadmill, these mats can be the perfect way to combat this issue.

While you may not think about it when you are thinking of purchasing a treadmill noise reduction mat, but some manufacturers actually list their treadmills with metal chains on them. These chains cause a lot of noise to come from your treadmill making noise. By putting a rubber mats under your machine, you will be much happier with the amount of noise that is reduced.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these mats will only work well if they are used under carpet. It will not work at all if you have hardwood floors or carpet. The mats are designed for use on carpet and that is why they will not work on hardwood floors. There are two different types of carpet that you can choose from that will work great for a treadmill noise reduction mat. They are the laminate type and the real thing.

When shopping for a treadmill noise reduction mat, you have to know the measurements of each mat you are interested in buying. You also have to know what kind of cushioning is on the bottom of the mat. You want a smooth bottom that does not make it too soft for the purpose of absorbing vibrations from the belt. Make sure that there is room to spread the cushions out to where it is not too close together. If the cushioning is too close together, you won’t get the best results.

There are some people who believe that adding a treadmill noise reduction mat to your treadmill is a waste of money. However, those people do not understand that the noise these mats prevent is actually causing the deterioration of their equipment. When the vibrations are not going into every part of the treadmill mat, the vibrations are not being absorbed and the belt is wearing down more quickly. This is the main reason that it is a good idea to buy treadmill mats in the first place.


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