What to Look For In A Treadmill

What to Look For In a Treadmill

Owning the best treadmill is a guarantee of living a comfortable life. It will help you keep fit regardless of the weather conditions since it’s used inside your house.  You can run, jog, or walk on the treadmill. This buying guide will help you to acquire the best treadmill.

Why should you buy a treadmill?

Treadmills are a good solution to exercising from home when weather conditions are not favorable e.g. during winter.

Running on your treadmill is an efficient way of keeping fit through the loss of weight. This is achieved by burning more calories during the running.

It also protects your privacy and avoids embarrassment since you exercise from your house. Most people will not like it when they exercise in public in the name of “losing excess weight.”

What should you have in mind when you think of a treadmill?

It’s obvious that some factors will linger in your mind when you think of owning a treadmill. These factors will include; types of treadmills, features of what you regard as the best treadmill of choice among others.

Types of treadmills

Normally, treadmills come in various types and brands. The type of treadmill is defined by various factors. We shall go through these factors later in the guide but let’s first focus on the types of treadmills.

Treadmills comprise of:

Manual treadmills

These types of treadmills don’t require any electricity. When you move or run on its bottom, it’s good to go. The handles of these treadmills are cushioned. Their running belt is durable. It’s also the best option for first-timers.

The price of Manual treadmills exceeds $300 but you can get one which is below $100 depending on your budget.

Their storage is also friendly since some of them are foldable in nature.

These treadmills are different in sizes i.e.

The smallest size is; length= 39 inches; width= 20 inches; height= 43 inches.

The largest size is; length= 50 inches; width= 24 inches; height= 47 inches.

Electric treadmills

These types of treadmills are powered by electricity. They are easily adjustable to the pace of your preference. However, this type is more expensive.

Features of these treadmills include;

  • Amortized systems
  • Have an electric monitor which sets its motion
  • Easily adjusted
  • Is has extra features e.g. speakers, mp3 player, cooling fans among others
  • They are durable and more stable
  • They are heavier

Hybrid Treadmills

These are designed to offer better and improved services. However, every hybrid brand is unique in its own way. They reduce bore down since you can be able to carry out new exercise every new day.

Some of their features include:

  • Their pedals are oversize in make
  • Their warranties are the best
  • Their seats are cushioned and large
  • Their user guidelines are friendly and easy to follow.
  • They have stainless steel frames

Medical Treadmills

These are very important in the medical field since they are used by patients. They are large in size and their operations digitalized. They are also adjustable to what the doctor feels is best for their patients.

Their features include;

  • They are comfortable and accurate in order to measure the stress level of a patient.
  • They have a capacity of up to four hundred pounds and higher.
  • They have stop buttons for emergency purposes.
  • They are perfected to suit patients of every fitness, ages, and sizes.
  • They are made from materials of the best quality.

Folding Treadmills and Non-Folding Treadmills

Folding treadmills are foldable when storing them, unlike the non-foldable ones.

Features of the best treadmills

Before making a decision on what treadmill to go for, consider features as discussed below.

Suitability of the treadmill to your purpose.

Choose the brand that suits your need since treadmills are of various brands, makes, and different roles.

Belt size of the treadmill

The main use of a treadmill is running or walking on. Go for a belt size which is standard in size i.e. 18 inches and 14 inches wide and long respectively. However, if you need a treadmill for a tall person, choose a higher inched in order to be comfortable during exercise. For more information, check out our guide on How To Tighten Treadmill Belt.

Weight of the treadmill

Always ensure that the treadmill of your choice accommodates your weight. The best way to be sure of this is by deducting at least 20kgs from what’s given as the weight capacity of the treadmill. If you’re big and tall, check out our Best Treadmills For 300 lbs buying guide.

Stability of the treadmill

Choose the safest and stable treadmill. Lack of stability may be harmful during exercise. The frames of the treadmill should be stable and intact throughout the exercise.

Cushioning of the treadmill

This is very important when it comes to shock absorption.

Space of the treadmill

Check whether the treadmill of your choice is spacious or not. Choose the treadmill whose space you will fit without the struggle. If you don’t have much space, consider checking out our Best Folding Treadmill for Small Space buying guide.

Cost of the treadmill

Your pocket and budget will determine what treadmill you will buy. Go for what you will afford since you don’t want to drain your pocket. You can check out our Treadmills Under 300.00 Buying Guide if you’re on a tight budget.

Warranty of the treadmill

Quality treadmills will always be warrantied. Some warranties go up to 10 years and others for a lifetime.

Security of the treadmill 

An ideal treadmill should have a True Treadmill Safety Key Magnet. If you have the time, checkout our True Treadmill Safety Key Magnet buying guide.

Other factors to consider when selecting the best treadmill.

You can also consider other factors before buying a treadmill.

  • Running surface. If your running style is wider than normal, choose a belt whose width is wider than normal as well.
  • Control panel. This eases the use of a treadmill since they are easily adjustable.
  • Foldability for storage purposes. This will help your treadmill be space-friendly.
  • Display. Some treadmill models will feature LED and other LCD display.
  • Assembling your treadmill. This is normally highlighted in the manual.
  • Whether or not the machine has a Desk Attachment For Treadmill.

Maintenance and care

Always maintain and take good care of your treadmill. This will enable it to give optimal performance. You will also be certain that your device will last longer while in good condition.

Care tips include;

  • Lubricating your treadmill before use will enhance the smooth running of the treadmill.
  • Regular cleaning of the treadmill to avoid dirt accumulation.
  • Wipe its surface after use.
  • Align and center the belt.

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