When To Replace Surge Protector

When to replace surge protector

When to replace surge protection is a question that I get asked quite often. The question is often, “I am having trouble with my surge protection, where should I replace it?” Before I answer that question, I will explain a bit about the product. A surge protector’s capacity is typically measured in amperes, and not minutes. This is generally a full charged amount, say 1000 amperes. This is the maximum amount that the unit can handle before going out of charge.

when to replace surge protector

For instance, if your protector gets ten hits of power surges, then that would be the maximum that your unit could handle before going out of service. The same case could apply if you were using a UPS battery. UPS batteries are designed to be plugged into an electrical outlet and should only draw a certain amount of current before they run out. You may notice the unit shutting down as it reaches its maximum amperes rating. In this case, the UPS battery needs to be replaced. So when to replace surge protector?

Most people will simply replace the UPS battery. While this will solve the problem, it might not be the best option for when to replace surge protection. If the surge protection was damaged by a surge, the damage may have been repaired and the unit could have gone out again without being replaced. In order for this to happen, the circuit breaker must be tripped by a passing electric current and the surge protection circuitry must be replaced.

So when to replace surge protection? Typically, you should replace the surge protection when the battery level falls below 25 percent. The battery levels can be tested using an ohmmeter. The Ohmmeter can be set to a low value, so if the levels are dropping, the protector is still valid.

It is important to be aware of the dangers associated with power surges. An electric current that is too strong can be dangerous. If a surge occurs, it is important to protect the electronics in the equipment. This includes the fuse that is used to overload the current. Fuses must be properly installed and maintained.

Another situation that can occur when to replace surge protection is if the power is cut in a house or other structure. Electrical power can be restored by having a surge protector. However, surge protection fuses must be installed before the unit can be turned back on after a power outage. Failure to install and maintain the unit when needed can result in serious damage and injury to both persons and/or property. In addition, without a power surge protector, a surge could lead to an explosion.

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