Who Invented The Treadmill?

If you ask the question, “Who invented the treadmill?” you will get a wide range of answers. Most sources will say that the inventor was George J. Cook while a few say that it was invented by Thomas Crapper.

So, Who Invented the Treadmill?

According to Wikipedia, the treadmill desk was first invented in the 1930s by William Edward Staub. William was an engineer and invented the electric motor driven scroll saw, which he used to make his very first treadmill. William wanted to find ways of making an item that would help people get more active and that would help them lose weight and live a longer healthier life. William also realized that the body was not as efficient as he thought it was and that health was the key to overall happiness. William knew that by using various physical activities people would be able to live longer and healthier lives and so he focused on finding ways to make this happen.

William’s Vision is now a reality

William’s vision has become the modern treadmill. You can still find models being used in schools, public gyms, and rehabilitation centers, but most people use their treadmills at home. Most of the models William invented were for hard labor in prison and for the military. They are now used by personal trainers, fitness instructors, film and television production crews, and personal chefs who perform regular workouts in the privacy of their own homes.

William might have been a genius

There are a few theories on Who Invented the Treadmill but none has been proven yet. Some people say William could have been a genius because he managed to use the basic design for both mass production and personal use. He managed to use the pulley and the belt to make both walking and running easier. William wasn’t a great engineer or architect, but he did figure out how to make the treadmill more comfortable and eliminate the need for the chair.

Prisoner’s use of the treadmill

When William began working on the Treadmill in his kitchen, the prisoners weren’t happy. It was difficult for them to work because of the pain. William changed the design to make it easier to exercise on and prisoners were happy to finally have something that made exercising easier. The war was a big boon for the treadmill as soldiers received treatment for stress at such high levels that they needed machines to help get through their daily activities.

history of treadmills|

It’s possible that William could have gotten his idea for the treadmill from observing the way prisoners of war used them. The Treadmill was used to help keep the prisoners awake and alert as they walked to and from their trenches. Treadmills were also used by military surgeons while they operated their surgical units.

Thomas Crapper

A few sources say that the inventor of the treadmill was Thomas Crapper, which is a very interesting story indeed. Crapper was a man who believed in exercise as a way to cure many different conditions such as cancer. He also believed that the body had the capacity to work harder if it was forced to do so. In addition to that, there is no evidence that Crapper ran a marathon or did anything else that would show that he had the ability to design a great treadmill.

Want to buy a treadmill?

Before you decide to buy a treadmill, it is important to check out the reviews left by people that have used these treadmills before you buy one. If you find a few negative comments about a particular model then you should probably pass on the purchase. Instead, you can try looking up a treadmill that someone else has purchased, as this will help you narrow down the options to find the perfect treadmill for your needs.

If you are buying a brand new treadmill make sure that you do not forget to get a warranty card and read all the information provided on it thoroughly. This way, you will be able to be sure that you will be purchasing the right machine for your needs and you will also be able to return the treadmill if you are not satisfied with the machine after you start using it.

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