About Us

About Us is an independent informative and product review website with a focus on the fitness niche. Our focus is on recumbent bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and their related accessories. What’s more, we give expert advice and buying guides for these workout machines on the blogs section.

As a team, we dote on honesty. Therefore, you can bank your confidence in us for a trustworthy and unbiased review of the fitness equipment. Our analysis is independent, but we still prioritize research findings, scientific journals, third party information, and experts’ advice.

Our Goal

We endeavor to provide truthful information to help you decide on the best fitness gear to buy.

Hundreds of brand names and countless treadmills, rowing machines, and workout bikes have flooded the market. Since every label is vouching for their product, it’s hectic to narrow down your choice. Ultimately, you end up splashing out on a piece of equipment that does not meet your needs.

Well, our team’s got your back. We neither accept nor receive freebies from the manufacturers in exchange for the positive feedback. Our editorials are independent, honest, and unbiased. We are an affiliate advertising company who receives a commission when our valued shoppers purchase a product through our links.

How We Review

Experts Advice

Before endorsing workout equipment, our team confers with fitness instructors, personal trainers, athletes, physicians, consultants, and engineers. These professionals enlighten us on the key aspects to consider when rummaging around for a treadmill or recumbent bike.

For example, personal trainers step in to recommend the best model for losing weight, working your abs, or managing obesity. In this case, we shall guide our shoppers to go for rowing machines when their fitness goal is to gain abs. However, if you are training as an athlete, you can go for a treadmill.

Conversely, physicians help us identify suitable equipment for patients with underlying medical conditions like back pains, comorbid obesity, or injuries.

Research and Scientific Journals

Our team won’t publish a product review without leafing through research articles, health journals, and scholarly editorials. After all, we have to find out how beneficial or detrimental the product will be to your health and physical fitness.

We can confidently recommend the right workout gear for everyone through our research findings, regardless of their physical health. For instance, anyone can use a treadmill by adjusting and customizing the speed or incline to their preference. However, studies vouch for rowing machines if the user is obese, overweight, or when the patient has joint or knee issues.

Third-Party Testing

To give our assessment an icing on the cake, we strive to back up the reviewing process with real-life experiences.

Our team connects with various parties such as manufacturers, salespersons, and marketers who generously reveal the findings and test results. In doing so, we get to answer questions relating to how the equipment works, the set-up process, maintenance tips, durability, and more.

Customer Feedback

At Fitness Body Smart, we go after consumers’ feedback to establish their experience with a treadmill, rowing machine, or a recumbent bike. We don’t take chances knowing that the customer is unquestionably right.

Our initial step is to single out the bestselling equipment through the ratings and popularity among customers. A product with a star rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 will undoubtedly make it to our recommendation. However, we may narrow down the selection depending on the features and price tag.

The advantage of banking on customers’ feedback is that our findings will be all-round. We understand the durability of the item and its ability to endure both long-term and short-term use. This reviewing phase is more reliable than having our team test new fitness equipment for barely a couple of hours. Well, the process will be rapid, but we might never know if the product will be functional severally years later.

While analyzing buyers’ comments, we endeavor to balance between positive and negative reactions so that you’re aware of what to expect. Our bet is on durability, affordability, and functionality. If the features are worth the asking price and the equipment meet your fitness needs, you should have it in your cart.

Our reviews are dynamic and can change based on product upgrade, manufacturers’ recall, or new customer feedback.