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How tight should a treadmill belt be

how tight should a treadmill belt be

How tight should a treadmill belt be

The treadmill belt is a part found in the machine where you run or walk on. This part moves around when the machine is turned on. Once you have acquired a treadmill, it needs to be maintained as we do to other machines. In case you notice that your treadmill belt is losing you have to tighten it. We are now going to dwell on how to tighten a treadmill belt, how tight a treadmill should be and how to lubricate a treadmill belt.

How to tighten the treadmill belt

Similar to all machines, often those machines need to be tightened because they become loose. Once you realize that the space between the board and belt are close, you need to tighten it. When the belt is loose, your work can’t run normally but tightening it will make it simple and quick. Below is a guide on how we can tighten a treadmill belt.   

I know the question that is going round in your mind. Is there any need to tighten a new treadmill? I won’t say yes or no. Treadmills differ from each other; some need to be tightened immediately when you buy them, while others function very well for a long time without adjustment.

If you are running or walking and you see that your belt is not in good condition, e.g. pausing definitely your belt need to be tightened. Below are steps on how we can tighten a treadmill belt.                                                                                                                                                            

It’s also good when you are tightening the belt ensures that you don’t over tighten the belt. If your belt happens to be over-tightened, it might burn out and fail to function as normal.

How tight should a treadmill be?

Normally, it’s always good to lift the machine when you hire so as to ensure that the belt is in the middle. In case you raise your treadmill three or four inches, and you are unable to lift it. It means that your belt is too tight. To tighten it, you have to use Allen wrench and balance the bolts on both sides.

Many people may ask, is it good to over- tighten your treadmills? But I tell you don’t ever try it. A treadmill that is over- tightened tends to cause strain in the motor and also separate the seams which earlier were joined, making your machine not to work fine.

How to lubricate a treadmill belt

According to Antonio Cordoba, lubrication is the best medicine we can offer to our treadmills. He also said that many technical problems are experienced due to lack of lubrication.

Below is an explanation on how to lubricate a treadmill.

It’s also advisable when applying the lubricant to the treadmill belt; ensure you locate it on a place that is cleanable. Clean also any extra silicone of the belt.

Final thoughts

It’s always good for you to understand your treadmill well and know how it operates.This is important in that, in case of anything you stay alert. Ensure that your treadmill is fit to use always.  For those who have already acquired one, I know they know now the benefit of having it. Now I know you are smiling because we have known how to tighten it and again, how tight it should be and how to lubricate our treadmill belt.

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