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Best Surge Protectors For Treadmills in 2024

Looking for the best surge protectors for treadmills? We spent 10s of hours and resources researching the best surge protectors on your behalf so you don’t have to. When searching for a surge protector to use with your treadmill, the most important factor to consider is its reliability.

If anything, the surge protectors for treadmills are supposed to protect the treadmills against power surge, so, if they fail, the treadmills may get damaged when there’s a power surge.

Another equally important factor to consider is durability. A surge protector costs money, so you wouldn’t want to continue replacing it quite often.  That would make it very expensive to use your treadmill.

Of course, your choice of a surge protector will also depend on your budget, but if you want a high-quality unit, you must be willing to dig a little deeper into your wallet.

There are many types of surge protectors in the market today, and choosing a perfect one can be a daunting task. But you need not worry.

We’ve made everything easier for you. Here we’ve picked the top six surge protectors that are leading in the market.

1. Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector for Treadmills

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar is a global top-selling superior surge suppressor for treadmill. The main reason many people like this surge protector is because it utilizes the advanced Isobar surge protection technology, which is exclusive to Tripp Lite.

With this technology, it can prevent even the most powerful surges from destroying sensitive equipment.

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It is covered in a strong metallic case that protects it from any impact to make it durable. His device also has a one-of-a-kind filter bank that enables it to block radio-frequency interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise interference.

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar has a high surge suppression rating of 1410 joule. This, together with its 6-ft long power cord and the 2 5-15R outlets, make it suitable for a wide range of uses, such as homes, offices, etc.

Features at a glance

What we liked

What we didn’t like

The bottom line

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar is the number one surge protector for treadmills and other electrical gadgets in your home or office. With this gadget, you can be sure that your equipment has maximum protection, courtesy of it Isobar surge protection technology.

In case you’ve been experiencing some noise from your computer or TV, it likely that there’s another device interfering with it. By using this gadget, the noise will be history. In summary, when all factors are considered, including price, Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar offers a good value for money.

2. CyberPower CSB100W Essential Surge Protector for Treadmills

The CyberPower CSB100W is a great device for surge protection for treadmills. While not using it with your treadmill, you can also use it with other electrical appliances such as your electronics and computers. It can protect your treadmill from energy spikes resulting from electricity or storms.


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It has a rating of 900 joules, which is its strongest selling point. With that level of protection, you can rest assured that your equipment will be safe, no matter the magnitude of the power surge.

Another feature that makes this device the first choice for many treadmill enthusiasts is its compact but rugged design. This makes it cost-effective because it can serve you for a long time without the need for a replacement.

Features at a glance

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The bottom line

Having a single outlet means the CyberPower CSB100W means you can use this gadget in a room dedicated to your workout.

Better still, there’s an option of having several outlets in case you want to accommodate more devices. This will allow you to watch a TV or listen to music as you workout.

It is good that the device utilizes noise cancellation technology, so there will be no interference between the connected devices. The 900-joule protection makes this surge protector stand out among the protectors in the same class.

With this rating, all the electronic equipment in your house, including the high-voltage equipment. If you are looking for a surge protector that can give you peace of mind, the CyberPower CSB100W should be your number one choice.

3. Belkin 12-Outlet Advanced Power Strip Surge Protector for Treadmills

This 12-outlet power surge protector can safeguard your treadmill and other office or home equipment against destructive power spikes, surges, and fluctuations.

The Belkin 12-Outlet Advanced Power Strip Surge Protector will protect up to 12 devices and also protect your telephone, coaxial, and Ethernet connections. 

This means that as you get busy on your treadmill, other electrical devices in your house or office will also be powered and used simultaneously.


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With a rating of 4,000 joules, this device can provide exceptional protection even to the most power-hungry devices in your home.

Once you install it, you can be 100% sure that your treadmill, modems, printers, computers, and other high-end equipment will be safe from power surges and spikes.

Features at a glance

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The bottom line

If you are in the market for a power surge protector that can serve your treadmill plus other electronic appliances in your home, the Belkin 12-Outlet Advanced Power Strip Surge Protector is your answer.

With a total of 12 outlets, it means you can power nearly all your appliances as you workout. You can watch the TV, play music, or have your computer running safely at the same time.

The noise cancellation technology is one feature that makes this product stand out among its peers in the same class.

Its sturdy construction is also one of the reasons why many people place an order for this product. The Belkin 12-Outlet Advanced Power Strip Surge Protector is a good investment in your home or office.

4. Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector for Treadmills

When it comes to protecting our treadmill against unexpected power surges, you need a reliable and robust protector like the Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector.

Rated at 4320 joules, and with a total of 12 outlets, we don’t think there’s anything else you can need in a protector.


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This power-packed gadget will protect almost all the electrical equipment in your house, be it your broadband modem, printer, workstation, music system, TV, computer, name it, all will be we protected.

Its unique cord management system makes it one of the best surge suppressors for treadmills because it helps keep cables organized. It is designed such that the outlets can rotate to give more room for AC adapters.

Features at a glance

What we liked

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The bottom line

If you want your treadmill to last longer, you need to give it maximum protection against power surges. There’s no better way of doing this than using the Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector.

With a rating of  4320 joules, you can rest assured that your treadmill will never suffer from any electrical shocks.

When we look at other surge protectors within its price range, this product provides better features and is well designed. So, if you are in the market seriously looking for a surge protector,  the Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector is worth your consideration and time.

5. APC Surge Protector with USB Ports

It is often difficult to get a surge protection device that can provide adequate protection for all your prized equipment at home against unexpected power surges. But you need not worry any longer.


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The APC P11U2 surge protector is all you need. This device has great features, including 11 outlets and two USB smart ports rated at 2.4 amp each. Once you’ve plugged in your treadmill, you’ll still have ten more slots for other electrical appliances.

This device is rated at 2880 joules, which is adequate to provide you with the protection you need. With its 6-foot power cord, you can comfortably put your appliances wherever you want.

Features at a glance

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The bottom line

When choosing a power surge protector, you have to consider the level of protection it provides and its features. The APC P11U2 surge protector excels in both these fronts. First, its power rating is very high, meaning all your electronics, including your treadmill, will be safe when plugged in.

The many features it offers is also another reason why many people choose it over its competitors. For example, the child safety shutters will ensure everyone at your home is safe from electrical shock, including children.

The 6-foot long power cord is another strong selling point for this device. It can reach all the appliances and electronics in your office or at home. This device is the best surge protector for treadmill and therefore is a good investment.

6. APC Wall Outlet Plug Extender, Surge Protector for Treadmills

Many people trust the APC Surge Protector to guard their valuable electrical appliances because of its high energy rating of 1080 joules. It can give your appliances maximum protection via its six outlets.


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It also has two 2.4-amp USB ports that can accommodate your high-end gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Is tight fit, compact design helps it blend easily into any space in any room – it measures 4 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches.

It has six outlets, just like the Nordictrack Surge Suppressor. The six outlets are on its sides to make it easy to plug in multiple devices. It has an LED indicator that will help you know if there’s any dangerous wiring in the wall circuit.

Features at a glance

What we liked

What we didn’t like

The bottom line

APC Wall Outlet Protector is considered the most affordable surge protector packed with many desirable features. Features like noise cancellation and the USB ports make it the first choice for many people looking for surge protectors.

You can use it for your treadmill workout while at the same time using other appliances in your home and even charging your phone.

The roomy outlets placed at the sides of this device means it can accommodate nearly all power cords. It has a solid build not found with many surge protectors in its class. This product is excellent at its price level.

Surge suppressors for treadmill buying guide

What is a surge suppressor? This device is used to protect equipment that uses electronics from being damaged when in a power surge. These surge suppressors have different shapes; some look like blocks, strips, or squids.

Though, they play the same role of detecting the excess electricity before causing damage to your machine. Below is an example of surge suppressors. This article will dwell on how to choose surge suppressors and those factors that we should consider when buying a surge protector for your treadmill.

surge protectors for treadmills

How to choose a surge protector for treadmill

According to Charles Raven’s craft, he said that for you to avoid electric fires, accidents, and other hazardous situations, we have to know some things before we hire a surge protector to choose the best of our choice.

Look at the outlet

Don’t always assume things. Many people think that the power strip and surge protector are all the same. Because in their appearance, they look the same, but they forget to know that they serve different purposes.

Consider the name surge protector but not the power strip. Always consider what items you will plugin and ensure that your surge suppressor will accommodate them all. Also, ensure that your surge suppressor outlet can rotate, and it’s adaptable.

Joule rating

To choose a good surge protector, check on the joule rating. This is a number that will help you know how much power can be held into your system, without damaging or overloading your electronics.

They also have to be replaced regularly because they can wear out your protector. So you have to be paying attention to them after several years.

Indicators right

For you to pick out the best model of your treadmill, be aware of indicators right. This will help you to know when your unit is not working properly. It will help you to know your protector well and you stay alert and you are aware of anything abnormal that may come up to your machine.


Also, consider alarm when choosing a surge protector. This will make the sound in case of a surge, and you will know what is happening.

It will also make sounds when your unit is unable to protect your surges so that you can change. This will help the internet modems or phone which is plugged into your surge.

Factors to consider when buying a surge protector for treadmill

When buying a surge protector, there are several things that we need to consider so that you can make an informed decision and choose a surge protector of your choice.

Check the right number of ports.

Don’t ever assume that all surge protectors have six or eight ports. Buying the right number of your port will help you to avoid daisy surge problems.

Consider the gear that you will plug into the surge.

It’s always good to think about the things you will plug into your surge protector. This will help you to hire the appropriate surge protector considering the equipment you will use in it.

Check a UL seal that is a transient voltage surge suppressor.

A good surge protector has to be certified by the underwriter’s laboratories. It should meet the required voltage of about 144UL. This will make sure that your surge protector will secure the equipment that you will plug into it.

Look at the energy absorption rate and clapping voltage of your surge protector.

This is considering how much energy it will absorb before failing. A higher rate of about 600-700 joules is the best. For clapping voltage, a lower voltage of about 400Vor less is better.


It’s also good when getting your surge protector to check whatever is covered and what is not covered.

Final thought

Before going to hire a surge protector, it’s good to make an informed decision. Don’t dwell much on the cost. According to Charles, he said that the cost should not guide us.

He also said that expensive, and it’s not always the best. You can acquire one at a low cost and be of great help to you. Putting into consideration whatever we have said, I assure you that no regrets at all.


What is a surge protector for a treadmill?

A surge protector or suppressor is a device used to protect a treadmill against power surges or spikes. Power surges are widespread during heavy rains, especially if there are lots of lightning or storm.

A power surge can take a short time (microseconds) but can cause serious damage to electrical equipment. NEMA Surge Protection Institute recommends that surge protectors should have a rating of LU 1449 TVSS.

What surge protector should I buy for my treadmill?

The are many surge protectors in the market today. These surge protectors have different features and ratings. The best surge protectors to use for your treadmill are:

Where to buy a surge protector for treadmill

Treadmills surge protector are sold online and also in brick and mortar stores. When you want to buy a surge protector, it is advisable to identify a reliable and honest vendor. The most preferred outlet to buy treadmill surge protectors is

How many joules surge protector for treadmill    

Power surge protectors should be able to protect your treadmill against power surges. This means they should be strong enough to take the extra power that can fry your treadmill. The higher the energy rating of a surge protector, the better.

For your treadmill, you need a protector of at least a 660-joule rating. Remember, these surge protectors need to be replaced regularly because they wear out during use and eventually lose their protection ability.

What size surge protector for treadmill

If you are in the market for a power surge protector for your treadmill, the device’s size is one of the factors you’ll consider.

However, it’s worth remembering that surge protectors with many outlets are bigger than those with few outlets. So the size of your power surge protector of choice will depend on the number of outlets you want.

Another consideration is the space where you’ll install the power surge protector. If you have a small space, you can choose the small surge protectors. If space isn’t an issue for you, you can buy bigger protectors with many outlets.

Can a treadmill be plugged directly into a regular outlet?

Many residential treadmills are designed to run on 120 volts on dedicated and grounded outlets. Even though you can plug your treadmill directly into a regular outlet., many treadmill manufacturers are against this practice.

One main reason is that power surges can easily damage treadmills, so they need protection. Another reason is that your regular outlet may not meet the treadmill standards set by the manufacturers.

A power surge protector ensures that your treadmill receives just enough power to allow it to run efficiently.

Does a surge protector consume a lot of electricity?

Not really. Power surge protectors are designed not to drain energy. They just monitor the amount of power that the devices they protect consume and absorb any extra voltage that might damage them.

In this process, they consume some power, mainly due to their internal resistance, but this amount is quite negligible.

Can I turn off my power surge protector to save electricity?

Turning off the power surge protector is the same as unplugging it. It will save just a little amount of energy because these devices by themselves never consume much power.

Turning it off or unplugging is another way of keeping the power surge protector safe, especially when there is a storm.

Can I leave my power surge protector on

There’s no need to keep your power surge protector on when not in use. These protectors do absorb some voltages, which end up wearing them down. If it is always left on, its lifespan will be reduced. You can read our post on why does my surge protector keep turning off to learn more on this. 

What can I not plug in my power surge protector?

Power surge protectors have their own rating, which indicates the amount of power they can tolerate. If you plug-in appliances that consume a lot of power such as toaster ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, or space heaters to some of the protectors, they may not survive for long.

You can plug the high-power equipment into the wall outlets directly. Check the power rating of any appliance before you plug it into your surge protector.

How long will my power surge protector last?

The lifespan of your surge protector will depend on how you use it. If you want it to last longer, you have to use it for its intended purpose and only plugin appliances that are not power-thirsty.

Generally, power surge protectors last for between 3 to 5 years. If you experience several power blackouts or power surges in your home, you might be forced to replace your protector every two years. You can learn more about how to test surge protector by reading our post here


When you want to buy a surge protector for your treadmill, you have to remember you may also want it to power other appliances in your home. So you need to choose one with an adequate number of outlets and even USB ports where you can charge your smartphone.

You must also check the device’s rating to ascertain that it will provide maximum protection for your devices. Finally, check the warranty. The longer the warranty duration, the better.

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