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The Best True Treadmill Safety Key Magnet In 2024

If you’ve ever misplaced your treadmill safety key, you undoubtedly know how significant the accessory is to your home gym. Without this trivial kit, your fitness equipment is as good as useless. Well, you can improvise a simple lock using a small magnet; but is it as safe as owning a true treadmill safety key? You’ll find out shortly.

What is a True Treadmill Safety Key Magnet?

A treadmill safety key is an accessory that completes the electrical circuit to switch on your fitness equipment. The lock prevents injuries when the machine is out of use. You clip it to your clothing such that when you accidentally slip and fall, the magnet detaches, and the treadmill instantly powers off. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, treadmill injuries are more frequent than those from other fitness equipment. Let’s look at the top five true treadmill safety key magnets that are easy on the pocket;

1.     JEDEW Treadmill Safety Key

JEDEW safety key comprises of a long cord and a magnet. The clip is crafted from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic polymer. The plus of this plastic is its longevity and eco-friendly nature, thanks to the recyclable properties. The accessory is a universal security lock that befits most treadmill brands, including NordicTrack, Weslo, Epic, Proform, Epic, or Lifespan.


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The clip effortlessly clamps to any type or part of clothing. It won’t even cause a distraction as you walk, run, or jog on your treadmill. Features at Glance What we Liked Befits almost all treadmill models What we Don’t Like This Horizon treadmill safety key is only applicable to equipment having round magnetic key slots. However, the accessory suits every other famous brand. What’s the Bottom Line? JEDEW’s universal safety lock works on all fitness equipment with round key metal bases. You can attach it on you Ancheer, Pacemaster, Horizon, Sunny, Landice, Alliance, or Xterra treadmills. It is a high-quality but affordable option to anyone who has misplaced their original magnet. The accessory fits perfectly on your clothing. You don’t have to worry about the clip coming off.

2.     Thlevel Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key

Thlevel safety key will work on any treadmill with a round magnetic slot. The compatible brands include Pacemaster, Bowflex, Pathfinder, Lifespan, Sunny, Fitness Gear, Horizon, Sunny, Alliance, Triumph, Sole, among others.    

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The safety kit features a 3’ nylon cord. There is a solid clip, which snugly attaches to your clothing with a firm grip. It is made of ABS thermoplastic polymer, which is durable, recyclable, and resistant to scratching. Installation of the Thlevel true treadmill safety key magnet is a breeze. You only need to mount the magnetic ends on the receptor slot of the treadmill. However, you can confirm with your manual for specific installation procedures. Features at Glance What we Liked What we Don’t Like Thlevel treadmill safety lock is a universal accessory, but it is only compatible with rounded magnetic key slots. However, most treadmill brands require these types of safety keys. What’s the Bottom Line? Whether you own a Proform, NordicTrack, Healthrider, Reebok, Weslo, or Freemotion treadmills, Thlevel safety key has got you covered. The accessory is reasonably priced compared to your original magnetic lock. So, it is the ultimate choice for your idle treadmill with a round safety key slot. Once you are done with it, ensure to disengage the magnetic ends to prevent probable accidents, especially when you’ve got kids around. According to a study analysis by The Journal of Burn & Rehabilitation, treadmill injuries among children is becoming severe and increasingly common. Well, I bet you don’t want your toddler to be included in these statistics in future, and so, safety should come first.

3.     Treadmill Doctor Universal Magnet Safety Key

Treadmill Doctor safety key is a replacement kit for most top brands. The accessory is compatible with Exerpeutic, NordicTrack, Reebok, Weslo, Freemoton, Epic, Healthrider, Image, Gold’s Gym, and several other models.  

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This magnetic lock is crafted with high-grade braided string. The material is thicker than OEM safety keys, hence, guaranteeing maximum strength, safety, and durability. Its magnet holds on firmly to the treadmill’s magnetic slot. For as long as you try it on compatible models, you will less likely experience fitment issues like sliding. Besides, the clip also grips to the user’s clothing perfectly. Features at Glance What we Liked What we Don’t Like The magnet appears weak when you attach it to some specific models such as Proform 495pi. Otherwise, Treadmill Doctor Universal safety key will clamp with ease on all the listed brands. What’s the Bottom Line? Treadmill Doctor Safety Key is the most affordable alternative kit for powering your workout equipment. The product fits top treadmill brands. However, ensure to go through the manufacturer’s manual to b au fait with the specific models. For instance, this treadmill safety key bypasses the magnetic lock of typical Proform equipment, but still, it might not be compatible with Proform 495pi.

4.     NiceCo Universal Treadmill Magnet Safety Key

NiceCo Universal Treadmill Safety Key features a solid clip, which easily clamps to your sportswear. Whether you run, jog, or walk, the pin will still hold on tightly without coming off.


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About the design, NiceCo magnetic lock features a 3 feet cord, 0.6” magnetic disc, and a magnet shell. This shape works on almost all treadmill brands. For instance, you can mount the key on Lifespan, Bowflex, Smooth, Pacemaster, Xterra, Landice, Pathfinder, Triumph, Sole, and Livestrong. Other compatible models are Horizon, Alliance, and Fitness Gear. Features at Glance What we Liked What we Don’t Like The product is only efficient on treadmills that require rounded magnetic safety keys. However, this con may not hold much gravity since 99% of all brands are compatible. What’s the Bottom Line? NiceCo befits top treadmill brands that operate on round magnetic receptor slots. If your treadmill safety key lost or it is defective, this accessory will power your machine at a fraction of the OEM cost. The clip clinches perfectly on your cloth whereas the magnetic end snugly mounts on the safety key slot of the treadmill. Although it goes for a song, you’ll not experience fitment issues.

5.     GCQ Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key

Check on Amazon This model is favourable to Bowflex, Pacemaster, Alliance, Xterra, Pathfinder, Livestrong, Landice, Sole, Proform, Weslo, NordicTrack, Reebok, Healthrider, Epic, among others. Its cord is 3 feet long while the magnet is 1.2 inches. The magnetic disc will mount to any rounded key slot of a treadmill with ease. Besides, it is also compatible with square slots present in some NordicTrack models. At barely 0.8 ounces, you won’t feel any burden running or jogging with the safety key. The clip-end clinches firmly on your sportswear while the magnetic end attaches snugly on the treadmill’s safety key slot. Features at Glance What we Liked What we Don’t Like The magnetic strength may not be enough to fire up specific models, but the safety key still works like a charm on several brands What’s the Bottom Line? GCQ treadmill magnetic safety key is an ideal replacement accessory for nearly all brands. Although it features a round magnetic lock, the kit will still mount on some square key slots. If you have been using some ordinary magnet to power your treadmill on, it is time you consider the GCQ treadmill safety key.


How treadmill safety key works?

When you insert the safety key into the treadmill’s console, this action completes the circuit and powers on the equipment. The key triggers a switch, allowing the flow of electric current, hence, setting off the treadmill functions. The magnetic lock will clip on your body and that of your fitness equipment. However, once you get off, the key detaches, making the treadmill to stop.

How to make a magnetic safety key for treadmill?

If your machine uses a magnet safety key, you can revive it with any magnetic material to form a circuit. Insert the ordinary magnet to the key slot, turn the treadmill on, and you’ll be good to go. Preferably, it would be best if you used a strong clip magnet as it allows you to glue a piece of string at both ends. Your cord has to be about 3-feet long. Always make sure that the size and the magnetic strength of the key complement the treadmill’s receptor site. In so doing, you eliminate possible fitment issues.

Where can I buy a treadmill safety key?

You can purchase your treadmill safety key on the Amazon store. The plus of opting to these online shop is that you’ll find different brands, compare prices between vendors, and view the product score. Besides, most Amazon products sell at a fraction of the cost of OEM.

How to make a treadmill work without a safety key?

A treadmill is inoperable without a safety key since the circuit is virtually incomplete. However, there are two ways you can manipulate to get the equipment on its feet. One way to kick start the treadmill is by using an ordinary magnet. Secondly, you can sidestep the safety key by manipulating the circuits and the wiring of the treadmill. This move is possible as you will have to install a jumper bypass at the switch. However, this should be your last option unless you’re an electrician. Besides, this move voids warrant, and it can be dangerous when you’ve got pet or kids around.

How to fix the NordicTrack treadmill safety key?

NordicTrack treadmill safety key is almost universal since most of their equipment use magnetic locks. When your key becomes faulty, or you’ve lost or misplaced it, you can choose to buy a universal lock or order a new one from the OEM. However, if you think these options are costly, you can improvise a NordicTrack treadmill magnetic safety key rather than having your treadmill lie idle in your home gym. Get yourself a small magnet clip, tie a thick string on the magnetic end, and use it to power your equipment.

How to adjust a treadmill safety key?

If your safety key string is too long and gets in your way, you can cut the extra length and glue it back to the clip.

Overall Final Verdict

Without a safety key, a treadmill is almost as useless as a glass hammer. It won’t work unless you shell out on a new lock or manipulate its electric wiring system. Spending on an OEM’s safety key can be costly. However, you can opt for the universal magnetic locks, which sell at knockdown prices. Before placing your order, ensure to study your treadmill’s receptor site. Knowing the size and shape of the key slot will minimize possible incompatibilities. The advantage of true treadmill safety key magnet is that they are inexpensive and they will suit almost all machines.  

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