Ellipticals that fold buying guide

 Ellipticals that fold buying guide


Elliptical trainers or machines are now more popular. Currently, they are found in large numbers. They offer versatility and low impact on the trainer. They have grown rapidly due to their increased demand.  Elliptical machines help to protect your joints from being injured. When it comes to buying one for use at home, choosing among varieties may be challenging. We have guidelines in this article to clear out the confusion.

What are the different types of ellipticals? 

Elliptical machines are made in countless varieties and we have several types. These types include:

Standard elliptical trainer

It is the most familiar type of elliptical machine for many people. It has foot pedals where one stands on holding a handlebar in front. In case you want it to move, always move its pedals in a circular mode.

Elliptical cross trainer

It’s the best choice for a full-body workout. It has movable handles. These handles enable your arms to move freely when your lower body is at work.

Recumbent elliptical

This type of machine allows you to work out while seated. It has a longer pedaling motion, which has a lower impact on the joint. If your mobility is limited, a recumbent elliptical is the best choice for you. This is because it is comfortable and easily adjustable.

Front-drive elliptical

The driving system of this machine is at the front. When using a front-drive elliptical, you lean forward while still on the machine. It is budget-friendly. It’s also simple for use by anybody.

Center-drive elliptical

Center-drive elliptical approximates the users walk or jog. Their driving systems are placed off one side of the user forming a compacted design for small spaces.

Rear-drive elliptical

Its driving system keeps the wheel behind the user.  They are generally very expensive. They are made in a design that permits more pedal motion that one feels when running. When you are using it, you must maintain an upright position, which helps to reduce back strains.

Hybrid elliptical

Hybrid elliptical machines perform multiple functions. You can rearrange its pedal, seat then adjust it to move between modes.

Features of an elliptical machine

When you are buying an elliptical machine, there are some features you need to look at. These features include:

  • Adjustable Incline

Some machines give automatic adjustments and some you have to adjust manually. A Machine that adjusts ramps offers an intense workout.

  • Adjustable Resistance

A good elliptical machine has to offer an adjustable resistance. This will be of maximum benefit to the user. The machine should give noticeable changes when adjusted.

  • Smooth Motion

A good quality elliptical machine should have pedals that move quietly and smoothly. It would be best if you didn’t have any challenge when moving any part of the machine.

  • Stride Length

If many people use your elliptical machine, ensure that it has adjustable strides. Some machines will offer a stride of about 14-inch. However, this is very short for average sizes. It’s good to choose one with around 21 inches, which will be more comfortable for anybody.

  • Upper Body Comfort

A good elliptical machine should have hand grips that are comfortable to move. It should not necessarily have arm handles even though they are good for more intensity.

  • The Quiet Factor

A good elliptical machine shouldn’t make a noise like a freight train. If you like enjoying yourself early in the morning when children are asleep, choose one that is less noisy.

Factors to consider when buying an elliptical machine

When choosing an elliptical trainer among several options, there are some factors you need to consider. These factors include:

Price of your machine

Budget is the major factor when it comes to purchasing home game equipment. Elliptical trainers differ in price and this depends on the features and equipment condition. Before buying your machine, it’s good to have a budget of what you want to spend on the machine.

Your Workout Space

Elliptical machines are large. They occupy a large space so before buying one be sure it can be accommodated. Ensure that your space ranges between 4-7 feet in length and leaves a space for your pedals to move freely while in motion.

Consider your ceiling height.

Ceiling height is another factor that you need to consider. Some elliptical machines have a maximum height. In case your ceiling height is very low, think twice before acquiring one. To avoid being hit on your head, it’s good to know the height of your ceiling and that of your machine.

Consider the maximum user weight.

Manufacturers provide elliptical machines with a maximum weight of around 20 stone (130kg). This often increases with the quality of the machine. If you weigh near or over 13 stone, we recommend looking for a machine with a footprint larger than 140cm long and 75cm wide to ensure a stable and enjoyable workout.

Compare the flywheel Weight.

Flywheel weight affects the smoothness and resistance across the trainer’s movement. Kilograms are the units to measure flywheel weight. It’s better if a flywheel weight is higher. Also, we have some manufacturers who inflate their flywheel, so you must be very keen when checking your flywheel.

Understand the level of resistance in your machine

Generally, a machine with a higher number of resistances is better than the one with only a few. A higher level machine will offer greater resistance, while the one with less will offer the least resistance to the user. Before buying your machine, check the number of level resistance it has.

Final thought

Elliptical machines are a great addition to your workout.  Don’t be left out anymore. Hurry and acquire one. When making an informed decision of having an elliptical machine, ensure that you follow some of the given guidelines. You will then be sure of picking the best machine.



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