Ellipticals that fold Reviews in 2024

 Ellipticals that fold Reviews In 2024

A good cross trainer, elliptical is among the top workout essentials. According to health experts from Mayo Clinic, ellipticals are better than treadmill when looking to achieve your weight loss goal. However, the main challenge comes in finding a good and reliable elliptical, especially with so many choices in the market. It the right cross trainer; you do not have to worry about joints damage. You can also work on your arm and legs efficiently, hence getting a full-body workout seamlessly. This article reviews the best three space saver elliptical machines to help you make the right choice.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical

Sunny health and fitness SF-E902 Airwalk trainer is among the most popular cross trainers in the market, and it is all for the right reasons. Better yet, it is super affordable and does not take much space even when fully extended.

This trainer provides you with an aerobic workout so you can enjoy similar benefits to walking, stretching, or skiing without the danger of joints damage. It features non-slip pedals for maximum safety while maintaining continuous motion. The elliptical can handle a weight of up to 220lbs.


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Sunny health and fitness SF-E902 provides maximum potential for low impact workouts. This makes it suitable for individuals of all ages, regardless of their fitness level.


  • It features a sturdy design. It comes with an all-steel frame for toughness and stability.
  • A foldable, compact design
  • Can handle a weight capacity of up to 220lbs
  • The elliptical is characterized by a 30-inch stride length, generous enough to let you move legs forward and backward comfortably
  • Features non-slip pedals for safety and balance
  • Comes with adjustable components for comfort

What We Liked

There is everything to love about the SF-E902 elliptical. Some of the aspects that stood out for us are;

It is user-friendly: For starters, the cross trainer is pre-assembled. This saves you from the stress of trying to figure where each component should go. The remaining few parts that need fixing are straightforward, and it comes with a manual for guidance.

Super affordable: This elliptical was made with everyone’s needs in mind. It is ideal for individuals looking to own a cross-trainer on a budget. Even better, despite the affordability, it comes with all the necessary features for high performance.

Comfort: We loved how comfortable this cross-trainer. Although it does not have all the frills and frays that you can find in premium models, the adjustable components such as pads make it comfortable.

Has an LCD screen: The elliptical features an LCD screen, which lets you monitor your workout metrics.

What We Didn’t Like

The biggest drawback of this cross trainer is the lack of resistance. It only features one default setting for a resistance, so you cannot increase or decrease it.

Bottom Line

Sunny health and fitness SF-E902 Airwalk trainer comes with plenty of attractive features. It is the perfect equipment for low-impact workouts, making it ideal for individuals with joint problems or those in rehabilitation. The cross trainer is affordable and takes minimum space, thus suitable for home workouts. However, if your weight exceeds 220 pounds, you should go for the next available choice.

Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer with Curve-Crank Technology

The top reason why this elliptical made it to our top list is its smooth operation. Most users have reviewed this equipment to be super-efficient and convenient for individuals with limited space. It works by applying constant tension on the Y and X axes to offer dead-zone-free rotation as you workout. With this, you are assured of getting a zero impact and smooth workout experience. You will not experience any discomfort due to dead spots, as seen in most cross-trainers.


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What’s more? The Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper works quietly, making it suitable for home workouts without disturbing the neighbors and kids. It is super easy to set up as it comes with a user manual and exercises video for guidance.


  • Applies curve-crank technology to offer dead-spot-free rotation
  • The body power 2-in-1 elliptical is a resistance training machine allowing you to adjust resistance easily and safely
  • It is a 2-in-1 HIIT trainer featuring synchronize handlebars and stepper movement for total body movement
  • Features a compact and practical design that allows you to save space
  • Can accommodate a weight of up to 250 lbs

What We Liked

Smooth Operation: Many features in this elliptical stood out for us, the main one being the smooth and efficient operation.

Maximum comfort: We loved the fact that it is a dead-spot-free cross trainer, thus offering maximum comfort when training.

Ideal for Small Spaces: The equipment is among the best ellipticals for small spaces. This makes it suitable for homes and people dealing with small spaces.

Quiet Operation: It produces minimum noise, so you do not have to worry about working out in the morning while everyone is asleep.

Ideal for Beginners: The power body 2-in-1 elliptical was made with every user’s needs in mind. It is super easy to assemble, use, and comes with a workout video with a personal trainer. This makes it perfect even for beginners. It features a simple LCD computer with a built-in media shelf and 8-level resistance adjustments. The front rollers facilitate easy relocation hence maximum flexibility.

What We Didn’t Like

We felt like the machine is a bit expensive because it goes for over 300 dollars.

Bottom Line

The 2-in-1 body power elliptical is perfect for individuals looking to do full-body workouts. It works amazingly both for beginners and amateurs. However, the price is a bit high, but the quality and functionality are worth every penny, so we fully recommend it.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine

The sunny air walk trainer is one of the most affordable portable elliptical machines. The best part is that it offers a similar experience as you would get from expensive cross-trainers. With this portable trainer, you no longer have to stress about heavy equipment and how to operate an LCD console. Moreover, it is super easy to set up and use. 10 minutes are enough to set the elliptical and get it running.


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You will love this elliptical’s compact, easy to assemble, and use design. It is ideal for individuals looking for light workout equipment as they enjoy watching their favorite TV show or their apartment’s views.

The sunny air walk trainer is made of steel poles held together by bolts for maximum stability. Nonetheless, it accommodates a weight of up to 220 lbs, and if someone is heavier than this, they may experience some rocking.


  • Perfect for low impact cardio exercises
  • Operates smoothly and quietly
  • Comes with an abdominal support pad
  • Takes a weight of up to 220lbs
  • The elliptical features an electronic computer for measuring time, distance covered, and calories

What We Liked

It is Super Affordable: What we loved most about the Sunny Air Walker Trainer is that it is a good value for money. At less than 100 dollars, you get your hands on a high-quality and reliable elliptical for light workouts.

Stability: The cross trainer is made to offer you maximum stability provided you do not exceed the recommended weight.

Durability: The workout equipment is made of steel poles for maximum stability and durability.

Suitable for Beginners: This elliptical is perfect for beginners and those into casual workouts. It is easy to assemble and use.

What We Didn’t Like

This cross trainer’s biggest flaw is that it only features one resistance level, which is the default setting. You cannot increase or reduce the resistance via a computer or tension knob. However, it is still an excellent investment considering its price.

Bottom Line

The sunny air walk trainer is ideal for slightly older persons or individuals that do not need intense workouts. It is super affordable, but that does not mean that the quality is compromised. Its compact design is to die for, and the fact that you can easily carry it around is a plus.


How Do Ellipticals Measure Calories

According to a study by Harvard Health, the amount of calories burnt on the elliptical depends on your weight. The average calories burnt in 30 minutes are between 170 and 320 calories based on your weight and intensity. The elliptical comes with a calories calculator that allows you to gauge the burned calories in a specific elliptical workout session. The calculator helps you to estimate how well you have done during the workout. Note that the elliptical calories calculator calculates burned calories using the metabolic rate per intensity. All you have to do is enter your weight, workout duration, and intensity, and you will get the estimate.

Who Makes Nordic Track Ellipticals

The nordic track is currently one of the leading fitness equipment brands worldwide. The company makes a wide range of elliptical trainers that come at varying prices, sizes, and power. The cross trainers stand out mainly due to their extensive workout programming and entertainment features such as built-in speakers and HD screens.

Nordic track ellipticals come in different types, the main ones being the rear drive elliptical, center drive elliptical, and front drive elliptical.

What Are the Best Ellipticals for Home Use?

Space should be the main concern when selecting home work out equipment. The chances are that you will be dealing with limited space at home, unlike at the gym facility where you have all the space to yourself. This is where ellipticals that fold come in to help you maximize your workout without worrying about space.

Besides storage, you should consider the environment. The last thing you want is to be nuisance to your family and neighbors. Select workout equipment that operates with minimal noise. The best elliptical for small spaces include Sunny health and fitness SF-E902 Air walk trainer, Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper and the Sunny Air Walker Trainer.

Where to Buy Cheap Ellipticals

Luckily, the internet provides you with an easily accessible platform to shop for cross trainers. The best part about shopping online is that you get access to a range of products to choose from. The prices also vary and are set in a way that accommodates all shoppers’ budget. The online market is super competitive and sellers are trying to stay ahead of competitors through discounted prices. Nonetheless, ensure that you shop from a reliable and reputable site. Currently, Amazon remains to be the best shopping site for cheap ellipticals.

How Accurate Are Ellipticals Compared to Real Running

With discipline, ellipticals are more accurate than real running. For starters, the cross trainer allows you to track your movements so you can see how well or badly off you are doing in real time. This motivates you to keep going until you reach your goals, hence higher chances of meeting your target in a session.

Why is there a Weight Limit on Ellipticals

The weight limit on an elliptical indicates the maximum weight that the equipment can take without breaking. Exceeding this limit may damage the elliptical and you will end up hurt. It is therefore crucial to observe the weight limit of an elliptical before purchasing it to ensure that you are not past the par.

Why Are Ellipticals Better than Treadmill

Ellipticals are much better than treadmills in numerous ways. You no longer have to stress your hips, knees and back when running. This makes the equipment ideal for the elderly and individuals with joint problems. Walking on a treadmill exerts pressure on those areas and you could get hurt.

Final Verdict

Ellipticals are a worthy investment for any workout enthusiast. Nonetheless, before spending your money on this workout equipment, you should understand your needs and budget and then look for one that fits them all.  The three reviewed portable elliptical are the best for homes and the fact that they are fold up elliptical machines make them even better.


Ellipticals that fold buying guide

Elliptical trainers or machines are now more popular. Currently, they are found in large numbers. They offer versatility and low impact on the trainer. They have grown rapidly due to their increased demand.  Elliptical machines help to protect your joints from being injured. When it comes to buying one for use at home, choosing among varieties may be challenging. We have guidelines in this article to clear out the confusion.

What are the different types of ellipticals? 

Elliptical machines are made in countless varieties and we have several types. These types include:

Standard elliptical trainer

It is the most familiar type of elliptical machine for many people. It has foot pedals where one stands on holding a handlebar in front. In case you want it to move, always move its pedals in a circular mode.

Elliptical cross trainer

It’s the best choice for a full-body workout. It has movable handles. These handles enable your arms to move freely when your lower body is at work.

Recumbent elliptical

This type of machine allows you to work out while seated. It has a longer pedaling motion, which has a lower impact on the joint. If your mobility is limited, a recumbent elliptical is the best choice for you. This is because it is comfortable and easily adjustable.

Front-drive elliptical

The driving system of this machine is at the front. When using a front-drive elliptical, you lean forward while still on the machine. It is budget-friendly. It’s also simple for use by anybody.

Center-drive elliptical

Center-drive elliptical approximates the users walk or jog. Their driving systems are placed off one side of the user forming a compacted design for small spaces.

Rear-drive elliptical

Its driving system keeps the wheel behind the user.  They are generally very expensive. They are made in a design that permits more pedal motion that one feels when running. When you are using it, you must maintain an upright position, which helps to reduce back strains.

Hybrid elliptical

Hybrid elliptical machines perform multiple functions. You can rearrange its pedal, seat then adjust it to move between modes.

Features of an elliptical machine

When you are buying an elliptical machine, there are some features you need to look at. These features include:

  • Adjustable Incline

Some machines give automatic adjustments and some you have to adjust manually. A Machine that adjusts ramps offers an intense workout.

  • Adjustable Resistance

A good elliptical machine has to offer an adjustable resistance. This will be of maximum benefit to the user. The machine should give noticeable changes when adjusted.

  • Smooth Motion

A good quality elliptical machine should have pedals that move quietly and smoothly. It would be best if you didn’t have any challenge when moving any part of the machine.

  • Stride Length

If many people use your elliptical machine, ensure that it has adjustable strides. Some machines will offer a stride of about 14-inch. However, this is very short for average sizes. It’s good to choose one with around 21 inches, which will be more comfortable for anybody.

  • Upper Body Comfort

A good elliptical machine should have hand grips that are comfortable to move. It should not necessarily have arm handles even though they are good for more intensity.

  • The Quiet Factor

A good elliptical machine shouldn’t make a noise like a freight train. If you like enjoying yourself early in the morning when children are asleep, choose one that is less noisy.

Factors to consider when buying an elliptical machine

When choosing an elliptical trainer among several options, there are some factors you need to consider. These factors include:

Price of your machine

Budget is the major factor when it comes to purchasing home game equipment. Elliptical trainers differ in price and this depends on the features and equipment condition. Before buying your machine, it’s good to have a budget of what you want to spend on the machine.

Your Workout Space

Elliptical machines are large. They occupy a large space so before buying one be sure it can be accommodated. Ensure that your space ranges between 4-7 feet in length and leaves a space for your pedals to move freely while in motion.

Consider your ceiling height.

Ceiling height is another factor that you need to consider. Some elliptical machines have a maximum height. In case your ceiling height is very low, think twice before acquiring one. To avoid being hit on your head, it’s good to know the height of your ceiling and that of your machine.

Consider the maximum user weight.

Manufacturers provide elliptical machines with a maximum weight of around 20 stone (130kg). This often increases with the quality of the machine. If you weigh near or over 13 stone, we recommend looking for a machine with a footprint larger than 140cm long and 75cm wide to ensure a stable and enjoyable workout.

Compare the flywheel Weight.

Flywheel weight affects the smoothness and resistance across the trainer’s movement. Kilograms are the units to measure flywheel weight. It’s better if a flywheel weight is higher. Also, we have some manufacturers who inflate their flywheel, so you must be very keen when checking your flywheel.

Understand the level of resistance in your machine

Generally, a machine with a higher number of resistances is better than the one with only a few. A higher level machine will offer greater resistance, while the one with less will offer the least resistance to the user. Before buying your machine, check the number of level resistance it has.

Final thought

Elliptical machines are a great addition to your workout.  Don’t be left out anymore. Hurry and acquire one. When making an informed decision of having an elliptical machine, ensure that you follow some of the given guidelines. You will then be sure of picking the best machine.


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