Folding Treadmill Covers Buying Guide In 2024

The Best Folding Treadmill Covers Review In 2024

Looking for the best folding treadmill covers? We’ve invested 10s of hours to research and review covers that will protect your treadmill perfectly. Most people think that a treadmill cover is just for decoration. However, it plays a significant role in ensuring that your exercising machine is safe from water, dust etc. Apart from routine maintenance, protecting your machine using folding treadmill covers keep it functioning well. 

We have, therefore, collocated several treadmill covers for your quick picks. Have a look.

1. Treadmill Cover, Elliptical Exercise Machine Cover

Enjoy using a perfectly functioning treadmill safe from dust and water. The Elliptical Exercise Machine Cover comes in a portable design and dimensions. Ensure your machine is safe from any stain resulting from children’s use and pets.


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The cover is user friendly and covers a more significant section of your machine. You will use the zips to ensure there are no entrances of dust and fluids. It is also possible to protect other exercising appliances such as bikes with the cover.

Features at a glance

  • Has dimensions of 77x29x62 inches, which makes it ideal for use in both small and large machines
  • Covers a broader area of the treadmill hence maximum safety
  • Works with exercise bikes, fitness equipment, and weight benches
  • Ideal for use as an outdoor treadmill cover
  • Material that does not get dirty and is easy to clean when there is a need be
  • Has a user-friendly zip-lock design
  • 12-months replacement guarantee

What we liked

  • The ability to cover your machine fully hence maximum safety
  • Ease of use when it comes to covering and uncovering the machine
  • Resistance to dust and water and the ease of cleaning
  • Covers the largest part of your machine
  • Compatible with several other machines hence the multi-use capability

What we didn’t like

  • The zip-lock design is exposed to damages but easy to repair

Bottom line

The features of this treadmill cover make it an ideal choice for use. You will have an easy time when washing it, although it does not get dirty quickly. Its dust and waterproof nature guarantee a long-term service.

Moreover, the cover is large and highly compatible. You will therefore have coverage of a more comprehensive section of the machine. Other machines, such as the bikes and benches, can also use treadmill protective cover.

2. Treadmill Cover, Non-Folding Running Machine Protective Cover

You may probably be looking for an affordable treadmill cover. This waterproof treadmill cover is perfect because it has a  fabric material.  At the cover’s interior, you will find the bound seams that add up to its durability.


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If you live in a windy place, the heavy-duty material will remain intact and unaffected by the dust. When the cover gets dirty, you will hose it in water then put it in the sun. Within a few minutes, the cover will be ready for use again.

Features at a glance

  • Perfect fit to your treadmill with dimensions of 65x30x55 with both the large and small sizes
  • Wider compatibility for many brands of treadmills
  • Anti-wind design and ease of cleaning the cover
  • Provides resistance to UV, Sunlight hence a long time service
  • Comes at an affordable price convenient for all buyers
  • High density and strong material

What we liked

  • High-quality material hence a long term service
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Less exposure of the treadmill to dust and water
  • Weatherproof for both wind and rain
  • Compatible with many treadmills of different sizes

What we didn’t like

  • Coming in various sizes makes the process of selection a little bit difficult

Bottom line

The cover is durable because of the material used to make it. Wind and rain will not affect the treadmill when used as an outdoor treadmill cover. Machines in open places can use it because of its resistance and heavy-weight.

In case it gets dirty, you will have an easy time cleaning it up. Drying will also take a shorter time.

3. Equip, Inc. Protective Cover for Folding Treadmill

If you are looking for the best cover with quality material, Equip, Inc. Cover makes an ideal choice. The cover is a waterproof treadmill cover with heavy-duty fabric materials. Materials, therefore, provide extra security against dust and wind.



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Moreover, the folding treadmill cover is simple to use. It has a zipper for tightening and easy removal of the cover. For enhancement of more safety to the treadmill, there is a cord-lock for a drawstring cord.

Features at a glance

  • Has a compact size of 36x36x60 with other smaller ones with different sizes
  • Perfectly protects your treadmill from dust, water, and other environmental conditions
  • Ease of use and fastening because of its compact size
  • Best quality and heavy-duty material
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors
  • 100% guarantee and customer service

What we liked

  • Best waterproof treadmill cover
  • Easy to tighten and loosen
  • Has heavy-duty fabric which is of excellent quality
  • Less exposed to dust and environmental conditions
  • Perfectly covers your machine

What we didn’t like

  • Comes at a higher-end though has the best service

Bottom line

You will love using this folding treadmill cover because of its compact size and compatible nature. The cover ensures that all the parts of your machine are well protected. It also maintains prime conditions, therefore extending the usage.

The material used to make the treadmill dust covers is of the best quality. It will therefore provide maximum safety and a guarantee for service for an extended period. You will find it to be the most comfortable to use. Among waterproof treadmill covers, this model is the best in terms of performance.

4. Saking treadmills cover with zipper and drawstring

This model makes the best choice for a non-folding treadmill cover. It has a make of high-density water-resistant fabric that makes it strong and durable. You will appreciate the silver plate undercoat that ensures your machine is safe from water, dust, wind, and UV.

The design of the non-folding treadmill cover makes it ideal for use by both folding and non-folding treadmills. You will have an easy time to close and open the zipper. Also, covering the machine and use the drawstring to lock it up is an effortless process.

The model also has a universal fit that makes it suitable for most brands of treadmills. Different sizes of treadmills can get a cover that suits them.

Cleaning the treadmill protective cover is easy. You will use a tap to clean and sock it, clean it and then hang it in the sun to dry.

Features at a glance

  • Serves both folding and non-folding treadmills
  • Extended lifetime for your treadmills. It offers protection from household dirt pets and children
  • Universal compatibility with many brands of different sizes
  • Has dimensions of 73x36x61 inches
  • High-quality material of silver-plate undercoat that is resistant to water, dust winds, and UV
  • Comfortable to use and clean using water to rinse

What we like

  • Excellent quality of material used
  • Suitability with most brands
  • Has zippers and material that provides easy cleaning
  • Perfect safety for your machines due to water, dust, and sun resistance
  • Comes at an affordable price

What we don’t like

  • Choosing the right size can be confusing if you don’t have your machine measurements

Bottom line

The treadmill protective cover makes an ideal choice because it offers perfect protection. Your machine gets safety even from the invisible household dust. When used for outdoor and indoor exercises, the cover makes the best choice.

For foldable and non-foldable machines, you will enjoy the best multi-use ability. The unique design with the zippers makes it simple to use and clean. You will be amazed by the price that, together with the features, makes it the best under the category.


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5. Mini-Lustrous treadmill cover for indoor or outdoor

Enjoy the great look of the Mini Lustrous Treadmill cover. Accompanied by the interior bound seams and quality materials, it has enhanced strength. This model’s unique thing is that it has an elastic hem cord. You will easily fasten the adjustable toggle to keep your machine safe on windy days.

Your machine gets perfectly protected against household dirt, pet hair, dust, hair debris, and kids. The high-density material used makes the cover strong and durable. Different sizes of covers make the different brands compatible hence a fitting model.

Features at a glance

  • Interior bound seams that make the cover strong and durable
  • Beautiful colors that make the cover look nice
  • Has dimensions of 46x38x66 inches
  • Elastic hem cord featuring an adjustable toggle to help in protecting the treadmill when it is windy
  • Resistant to dust and household dust with protection against pets and kids
  • Affordable prices

What we liked

  • Has a colorful design
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor machines
  • Bound seams to the interior for durability and strength
  • Resistant to water and dust
  • Fantastic protection with coverage of almost all parts
  • The model has a guaranteed fit

What we didn’t like

  • You may have a hard time when choosing the right sizes

Bottom line

This model makes an ideal choice for anyone who wants a durable and affordable treadmill dust cover. It features a high-density material with heavy stitching and bound seams. Such a make ensures you use the cover for a more extended period.

You will have your machine safe from dirt and dust when used both indoors and outdoors. The great looks and the prices make the model perfect for many users. It is an ideal treadmill cover outdoor machine protector because of its quality.


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Treadmill cover buying guide

nordictrack treadmill cover
nordictrack treadmill cover

A treadmill can’t be used for all time without a break. Once you decide to have a one, either for a day or a week, ensure you protect your machine by keeping it in a cover. I know you have questions like why do we require a treadmill cover? For now, don’t worry. Now we will dwell on why we need a protective cover, what to consider when buying a treadmill cover, and the benefits of this treadmill cover.

The reason why we need a treadmill protective cover

Since a treadmill is an expensive gadget, it’s important to hire a treadmill cover to keep that equipment protected and safe. Example of a treadmill protective cover. This cover protects the treadmill from dust, water, or any other hazardous material that will make our machine not to function as normal. This cover makes our machine to look clean and new and one can’t feel ashamed while using it.

For athletes, the reason why they use a treadmill cover is that they use outdoor equipment. They tend to keep it outside because when they are running or walking, they want fresh air.

What to consider when buying treadmill cover

Size of your treadmill

Before hiring your treadmill cover, it’s good to measure the size of your machine. That is the length, height, and width; this will help you to figure out and have a clear picture of the size of the cover you want to hire. It is not a must your cover to fit your treadmill. In fact, it should be larger than your machine.


The material preferred when we want to make this cover is vinyl; this is a plastic-like material. This vinyl is easy to clean and waterproof. It doesn’t allow any liquid to penetrate to the machine. When cleaning, it’s not stressful. In fact, all that is required when cleaning is only wetting a piece of cloth, and then you wipe the dust.

We also have another material that is also preferred called polyester. This material is durable and strong. It’s also easy to clean, and it is always able to resist most chemicals. Also, shrinking and wrinkle resistant.

Easy to use

Some treadmill covers are made with a design that looks complicated. Choosing a cover that is easy to open and close its better, and it seems secure. It should have a zipper for it to be easily used. Below is a zipper able treadmill cover.

The cost of your treadmill cover

Generally, all the covers perform the same task, but the price differs. Plan well the amount you want to spend so that you can’t be confused when you go to hire. You might find a cover, and then you love it very much only to realize that the cost is very high than what you had, Plan well before going to buy one.

Benefits of a treadmill cover

  • It protects your machine from hazardous elements. Avoiding tear and wear problems. Hence your treadmill can last for a long time since it ensures that your treadmill is always dust free and clean.
  • These waterproof covers are also important if your treadmill is outdoor, and your room is small, you have not to worry. When the weather is not favorable, this cover will not allow water droplets or dust to penetrate to your machine. Your machine will not have a problem.
  • Treadmill covers protect the color of your machine from fading. Since it is not bear, not exposed to direct sunlight. A treadmill cover protects it from fading, so it looks clean and new.
  • The treadmill cover also protects your machine from some messes brought by some animals like a bird or your pet.
  • It also prevents condensation and moisture from entering your motor hence stopping your machine from working.
  • The treadmill cover enables your machine to last for a long since it is always kept safe and protected from hazardous material.

Final thoughts

I know you are now happy; the many questions that were going around your minds now you have an answer to them. Now we don’t have a reason why we should keep our machines unprotected. We have known why using a treadmill protective cover, what we should consider when buying the cover, and the importance of a treadmill cover. Let’s stay enlightened always.


Why do people cover a treadmill?

According to Andrea Boldt, a treadmill’s primary purpose is to substitute outdoor running exercises. The primary reason people cover treadmills is to ensure that they are safe from damage-causing agents. Such agents include environmental conditions and human activities.

Therefore, your machine is under protection from destructors such as pet hair, dust, debris, and liquid spills.

Treadmills are also covered to prolong their lifespan. When you use durable covers that efficiently cover your treadmill, it gets less exposed to several damages. In case of accidents, your treadmill is always safe.

How to make treadmill cover

The process of making a treadmill cover is straightforward, as highlighted below.


Cover material, knitting tool and thread, pair of scissors or cutting tools, and a tape measure.


  1. First of all, ensure you have the materials needed to make the cover.
  2. Sketch the treadmill cover on a sheet of paper, including the necessary measurements.
  3. Measure the dimensions of your treadmill, ensuring that there is some extension of around 2-3 inches.
  4. Cut the material, ensuring that you observe the measurements of the dimensions of the machine.
  5. Join by knitting the parts of the cut material, ensuring that each part fits the part it is supposed to get joined to.
  6. Do the necessary finishing depending on your own needs.

How to cover treadmill

Before purchasing your ideal treadmill cover, the best thing you can do is ensure that it is the right size. While covering, it is wise to ensure that the treadmill is in good condition. It should be clean without dust and holes.

You can then cover the treadmill by ensuring that, first of all, the zips are not tied. You then cautiously put the cover on the treadmill. Ensure that each corner of the cover gets fixed on the right edges of the treadmill.

Once all the parts are covered, proceed to have the cover zipped. While zipping, ensure there is no part experiencing difficulties in having them covered. Always ensure there are no exposed parts after covering. Ensure that you don’t force the folding treadmill cover because it may damage your machine.

How to take the cover off NordicTrack treadmill

The NordicTrack treadmill comes on its unique design and may look different from the other models. It, therefore, has its unique cover that may be a little bit complicated to remove. You will, however, have an easy time removing the cover with a useful guide.

The only tool you need to have is a screwdriver. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Remove the side screws- Locate the screws on the treadmill’s sides and remove each one, placing it at a specific point.
  2. Remove the front screws– Also, locate the screws along the front part of the treadmill and remove them.
  3. Remove the cover– removing the cover is not very complicated. You will lift the cover-up taking caution on the parts that may be too much in contact.

What types of treadmill covers are there?

There are two significant types of treadmill covers; non-folding covers and folding covers. Each type of cover gets designed for a specific task and area of use as either indoors or outdoors. You will also find their specifications varying depending on their usage.

What are the shapes and sizes of treadmill covers available?

There are several shapes available, depending on the designs of treadmills. The unique thing is that each treadmill has a cover that perfectly fits it. You will also find each treadmill having a cover that perfectly fits it.

The shape and size play a significant role in ensuring that the treadmill is well covered and safe. Buying a small cover may end up damaging your treadmill. Also, buying one too large will give room to penetrate damage agents such as dust and dirt. It is therefore advisable that you buy the right size of the cover.

How do you clean a treadmill cover?

Cleaning a treadmill cover is an effortless task.  You will require running water, preferably from a tap. In case you have to use water from the bucket, you will then need a hanging line.

The process is not limited to pouring water to the cover with some pressure. The process removes all the dust effortlessly. In case there are stains, you may need some stain remover and some running pressure to remove it. Hang the treadmill exposed to the sun until it dries for the next use.

Final verdict

Folding treadmill covers play a significant role in ensuring that your exercising machine serves a longer time. Getting one that perfectly suits you may be a little bit challenging. With our guide, you will, however, get one that perfectly matches and serves your treadmill.

Our pick models are excellent and of high quality. Among the things, we have used to make the selection are material make, ease of use, quality, and prices. Making a quick pick from our models is, therefore, the best choice you can make. You can also learn what to look for in a treadmill by visiting the hyperlinked page. 

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