Merax Rowing Machine

merax rowing machine

Merax rowing machine

The Merax rowing exercise machine in 2020. The innovative features of this innovative rowing fitness machine are extremely convenient and make your exercise routine more effective by burning off more calories in less time. If you’ve already challenged yourself with some health-related fitness goals but never purchased a rowing fitness machine before, then this affordable model from Merax might make a good way for you to home gym. Here’s what we’ve got to say about it.

The merax rowing machine offers both an indoor and outdoor model. An indoor model offers various modes that include the usual warm up and cool down sessions. When you’re doing your routine, the fitness monitor will display your heart rate and the total number of calories burned through the various exercises. A warm up session is designed to prepare your body for the more intense workouts to come. It’s also perfect if you want to save some money on membership fees at fitness centers.

The workout modes of the metal rowing machine vary based on its brand. The Indoor model offers basic exercises that you can perform with the included water rowing machines or with the built-in exercise frame. You also have the choice of targeting specific parts of your body, including your thighs, hips, abdomen, upper arms, shoulders, back, waist, chest, and abs. If you do choose to use the built-in units, make sure they are strong enough by reading through the user manual first.

One thing we’d like to point out in the review above is the way the frame of the rowing machines from merax differs from the treadmills. It offers an adjustable tension system so the weights stay firmly against the rider’s body at all times. This feature is very important especially for users who’d want to tone down certain muscle groups or improve their endurance. Another thing that sets it apart from other brands is its built quality. A solid construction and sturdy hardware are features you won’t find on lesser quality products.

Another thing that makes this rower different from others is its pre-set resistance levels. You can start with lower resistance to begin with and increase the level as you feel comfortable doing so. By adjusting the resistance level, you can fine-tune the workout according to what your muscles need. For instance, you can start with low resistance to tone down your muscles or increase your cardiovascular fitness level.

A major advantage the magnetic rowing machines offer over the treadmills is that the built-in flywheel allows the user to give a better workout. The magnetic flywheel has two independent motors. Each one of these motors provide power for your workout. One motor forces the water to move in a horizontal direction while the other one propels the water in a vertical direction. This enables the user to work out harder or lighter portions of his body at the same time.

Another unique feature of the magnetic rower is its air resistance elements. Unlike the Treadmills where air resistance is provided by the flywheel, the Magnetic rowing Machine provides air resistance elements on both the left and right sides of the seat. The presence of air resistance elements provides for a more natural exercise motion. Another benefit of using the magnetic rower is that it supports various body parts. Specifically, the built-in flywheel encourages stable cardio vascular exercise motion especially when compared to treadmills that have air resistance elements.

One other feature that separates this machine from the rest of the rowing machines in the market is its weight. The entire machine measures only 2.5kg and it can be folded as well. Hence, it is very convenient and easy to store. You can also conveniently take the machine along with you when you move around. Hence, if you want to get fit but are a busy person, consider the Merax Rowing Machine because it has features that will suit your every need.

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