Titan fitness under desk walking treadmill

titan fitness under desk walking treadmill

Titan fitness under desk walking treadmill

Titan Fitness brought out the Under Desk Walking Treadmill in 2020 with the intention of making exercising more convenient for office workers. It aims to make your workout sessions more productive and enjoyable. It supports easy light walking that burns more calories than walking in the traditional mode. Some workers even claim that it helps them to better concentrate on their jobs.

However, some employees find it extremely annoying. Some claim that this treadmill doesn’t allow them to feel much of the actual walking motion. Others may tell you that the machine is not calibrated well and does not perform as well as it is advertised to do. This article seeks to address those issues so you can determine if it is the right buy.

The first thing that many people would notice about the Titan Fitness Under Desk is its name. Instead of referring to the model as an “under desk” or “standing desk”, people tend to call it by its name which sounds more professional and less awkward. The reason why the name is kept the same is that the model actually has two desks which are hinged together and serve as the table with the foot pedals positioned on each side.

If you stand on the tabletop while using the machine, you will notice that it does not support your body’s weight. The reason for this is that it is designed to be more efficient when used with a standing posture. The tall structure supports your legs and back, which may cause some difficulty when trying to exercise in a sitting or laying position. You do need to maintain good posture in order to enjoy the benefits of the treadmill, as standing on one of these units will not really burn calories since there is no balance between weight and movement.

Features of Titan Fitness Under Walking Treadmill

Compared to the other models in the market, this model comes with many amazing features. These features include:

First of all, it has a very wide running deck which supports both the upper and lower body. When combined with a quality running mat that comes in handy in keeping the floor clean, this desk is truly a great buy. It has an interactive heart rate monitor, an adjustable seat, an electronic speed controller and a spacious display. There are also other features which the user can choose to purchase including an AC/DC adapter and a cord storage compartment. The treadmill has a lifetime warranty as well as a one year warranty for any parts or labour charges.

The most important part of this machine is the console, which comes equipped with an LCD screen. Most treadmills come with a console that shows information like your user weight limit, current speed, distance covered, etc. However, the Titan Fitness Under Desk has an advanced interactive console which shows step-by-step instructions while running on the surface. The system includes an impressive list of results such as the highest mile covered, longest run, highest calorie burned, and many more which help you keep track of your performance.

As for the console’s keypad, this model comes with a touch pad, which has a large arrow key which helps you get to your desired starting point and navigate through the menu. There is also a safety clip, which allows you to fasten the console to your belt that is perfect for safety reasons. The design of this walking equipment is quite sleek, so it does not have the traditional bulky look that most treadmills do. In fact, it looks much smaller than your average treadmill as it is about three inches thick.

This walking machine is very portable, so it fits nicely in a small space. It weighs 4.6 pounds, so it is very light to carry around. If you intend to purchase this product, then you should know that it comes with a two-year warranty which covers defects and damages due to any reason. The Titan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill is recommended to those who wish to stay in shape and take their exercise in the convenience of their homes.

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